You may have caught sight of yourself in the mirror and seen a paunchy mid section where there used to be a lean tummy. It’s possible your wake up call was a scary trip to the hospital, forcing you to realize that you can no longer rely on your youth to stay fit and healthy.
No matter how you decided it was time for a change, you have now joined the countless men and women committed to improving their lives by losing weight after 40. While everyone is different, metabolism generally begins to slow between the ages of 40 to 50. By age 50, this total decreases by more than 200 calories daily and continues to decrease throughout the rest of your life. Your decreasing metabolism makes it harder for you to lose weight after 40, just as it is becoming more important that you stay healthy. However, most doctors agree that the best way to combat these issues is by staying fit and losing unwanted weight. If you are ready to lose weight then you need to develop an educated approach that will ensure your success. Your weight loss plan must address your specific nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle requirements.
Keep in mind, your first step should be to ask your doctor about your body’s unique fitness needs and to determine at which intensity level you should begin. There is a lot of conflicting information out there about the importance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. People who have had the most success in losing weight over 40 use a nutrition plan that includes a careful balance of the right kinds of foods from each group. Many people include lean proteins in their daily nutrition plan because they give you energy and are low in fat. Therefore, a good idea is to not eat a meal where more than 20% of the total calories are from fat. Men and women over 40 have both had success when they include complex carbohydrates, especially those with a low glycemic index, in their meal plan.
Also, many people make sure their diet is rich with fiber to help your body metabolize food and cleanse your system. Another key to weight loss is to drink adequate amounts of water because water is essential to metabolism and other basic bodily functions.
Take your current weight and divide that by 2, the resulting number is how many ounces of water you need daily. Finally, most people who have had great weight loss success will tell you to abstain from alcohol or any substance that does not nurture your body.
Other people with a lot of activity throughout their daily schedule found a need to have a complex carb at every meal.
Many experts recommend tracking your meals to make sure you are getting the right nutrients and not too many calories.

Inevitably, you will have to make the decision that is right for you and develop your nutrition plan accordingly.
If you are practicing great nutrition then you need to develop a great exercise program that complements your efforts. Once you can lightly jog for 30 minutes or more, you should be able to handle any other type of cardio workout. While not every person who has had weight loss over 40 has used this technique, many recommend adding a yoga-like activity to a workout plan. Also, the relaxation that accompanies this type of activity can help give you the mental clarity and positive outlook you need to pursue and achieve your goals. To ensure life-long health, it is important that your weight loss plan correct the negative aspects of your life that lead to weight gain and poor fitness. If you use this motivation as the foundation for your weight-loss plan, you will be greatly increasing your chances of success.
Many people who have had significant weight loss after 40 will tell you that they have reduced negative thinking in their life. On the other hand, most state that having a positive mental attitude helped motivate them to exercise and eat well.
The key will be to develop a weight-loss plan that is tailored to your body, your schedule, your goals, and your life. Our Personal Training is your ticket to a speedy learning process with the one on one support to be sure you understand the fundamentals to all Strength Training & Muay Thai Fitness training.
Our HIIT classes are constantly changing, they are designed to accommodate all fitness types from your beginners to elite level athletes. The gym is non-intimidating, all classes are mixed, for ages 16yrs to your active late 50's. All HIIT memberships entitle the member to unlimited class access (28 classes), Open Gym Access, Outdoor HIIT Events & access to other HIIT branches.
To increase fitness level, burn unwanted fat, tone, build lean (fast twitch) muscle, build confidence, improve in agility, speed, power & strength. Exercise Routines for Men Over 50 by Nancy Cross Don't forget flexibility training. Your metabolism is responsible for consuming about 60-70% of all the calories your body burns each day.
In your prime, your body typically burned 10 to 15 calories per pound daily with only moderate activity. If you study which methods worked for others, it will help you develop a plan that will work for you. Also, it is recommended that you eat foods in their most natural, unprocessed form to get the most nutrients. Practically every man and woman who has had significant weight loss after 40 practices meal planning.

For example, some people found it easier to eat their carbs earlier in the day; this helped them feel full into the evening.
This will make you develop life-long good eating habits instead of crash-dieting which often leads to failure. Others have been able to give themselves a small treat once a week or so and still lose weight. Great exercise is when you develop a well-rounded plan that addresses both cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening and toning.
If you are worried about the strain on your joints, many people have had great success with low-impact workouts like swimming and spinning. While everyone has a different routine, many people who have been successful at losing weight after 40 have developed week-long programs that focus on a different part of the body each day. This stretching helps prepare the body for the muscle building and cardio activity to come.
Whether it is to spend more time with loved ones, to build self-confidence, or to improve health, everyone’s motivation is unique.
They believe that having a negative attitude about anything translates to tension, lack of energy, overeating and poor health. However, this does not mean that you cannot face this challenge and become healthier than you ever have been. The author of Fit Over 40 has collected the fitness success stories of 52 men and women at all stages of life past 40. Studying the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes each of these people made will help you build a weight loss over 40 program that is ideal for you. They're non-contact, don't require any experience, and are run by two fully accredited Fitness Professionals & are well known for their fat burning results. Like anyone of any age, you should concentrate on working the major muscle groups of the pecs, shoulders and upper back, lats, ams, legs and abs. However, the American College of Sports Medicine notes that for adults 50 to 65, one set of 10 to 15 reps may be just as good. Plus it just makes you feel and look stronger when you can walk upright -- not stooped -- with a strong, straight back. It doesn't matter how many days' rest you allow as long as you fit in at least two workouts per week. Balance and flexibility training are also something you may have overlooked when you were younger. In addition to writing and editing, she runs a small business with her husband and is a certified personal trainer with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

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