This is a fast-paced intense cardio workout that will push you to your limit, but work off some serious calories. Instead of picking up the latest diet fad book only to be dissatisfied ten pages in, wouldn't it be great if someone just put out a simple eating guide you could keep in a binder, post on the fridge, or even tattoo on your body if you really had to?
We decided it was time to pull the biggest and brightest nutritional tips out of the fat loss information pile and give them a good spit-shine.
The result: nine clear-cut rules with no gimmicks or magic potions that can get you lean, mean, and healthy in a jiffy. Eating a small meal every few hours keeps your body in a metabolically active state for more of the day, and allows your body to evenly use the fuel you give it rather than storing it as fat. Alternatively, eating just a few large meals will cause your furnace to turn off during the day.
Lean protein is an important part of any fat-loss diet, so pick good sources, especially chicken, turkey, and pork. Restaurants want your money, so they're usually willing to tweak menu items to fit your diet. If a restaurant has an online menu, take a couple of minutes to preview the menu before you head out to dinner.
One of the worst feelings ever is realizing you blew thirty bucks on an ill-conceived weight-loss book and put your body through a cockamamie science experiment. Legitimate diets may not translate into overnight results, but they will mean safe, effective, and long-lasting gains. You need some carbs to fuel your exercise, and if you're too low on them your body will burn muscle once it's done torching fat! Water is essential for proper body function, which means your metabolism will be charged up if it has plenty of it.

Dehydrated people are the wrong kind of lean, and the results you get from cutting water weight are illusory, not sustainable. Do you look at the nutrition label on the foods you eat and keep track of your protein, carb, and calorie intake during the day? And instead of using fatty sauces or dressings, try using vinegars and the many herbs and spices that can help keep your diet interesting.
The intensity of your workout will also depend on which color band your choose, so this workout can definitely grow with you!
Fitness is simply about moving more, challenging your body and doing more than you did yesterday. I'm currently training for the #BODathon using Beachbody On-Demand services, along with my 21 Day Fix containers.
Contact me to find out about new accountability groups & to figure out what program will help you reach your goals. For those of you new to Fat X 101, a Fat X Project is when I publicly coach someone through my 12 day Fat X Program. Most restaurants cook with lots of fat and oil to get the plates out of the kitchen faster. The things we eat have to taste good for us to maintain our sanity, and simple strategies can make a lean fat-loss diet tasty.
Instead, try cooking your food in healthy flax seed or olive oil and stick to grilling, broiling, or steaming your foods. The possibilities for healthy and tasty cuisine really are endless, so think outside the box. If you’ve ever purchased a Beachbody program, you probably have one of these laying around.

They are a great way to change things up and to ensure that you get a workout in despite a hectic schedule. I developed my 12 day Fat X Program not only as a fat burning (fat loss) plan, but as a method to quickly develop a better, healthier, fitter and stronger body through properly designed, short in duration, after burn effect causing workouts and a healthy, non extreme, or starvation diet.
After finishing this workout, your body is ready for some seriously sculpting with one of my arm, leg, or ab workouts. The old-fashioned three squares a day aren't nearly enough to kick your metabolism into overdrive. Having your cheat day scheduled keeps you motivated and makes it easy to prevent those out-of-control, all-night cheat-athons. If you don’t have a set, you can purchase them at Target, Walmart, your local sporting goods store or through me by clicking here. Each one is color-coded for a different kind of food, and pre-measured for the precise portion. Only in just the right portions, so you don't feel miserable and deprived—but you CAN finally start losing weight.
You'll never have to "eyeball" your measurements again—if it fits in the container, you can eat it!

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