Today we talk about a runners diet; in particular what a runner needs to do differently to a non-runner on the Low Carb High Fat diet.
If you are running a Comrades Marathon in over 10 hours, due to your slower pace you should be able to draw all your energy from fat. Jeff Volek, who is the world authority on fat adaptation, has shown that elite ultra-marathon runners can burn copious amounts of fat.
While the idea that many athletes were already able to burn large amounts of fat in races is not a new one, Volek has actually measured it.
As a runner there is no need to be carbohydrate adapted, as you can achieve more and do better as a fat adapted athlete.
If you have any questions relating to Banting, please submit your question below so that we can keep providing you with the information you most want to know. Get instant access to cooking lessons, meal plans, lectures, and a bustling community on our online program. By supporting us, you also contribute to The Noakes Foundation’s scientific research grants and community education programs. A lot of people think that the reason they are gaining weight is because they are eating too many carbs so they go on a low carb diet.
The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the reasons you eat besides being hungry.
Make a list of the reasons you eat besides being hungry so you can start to be aware of your triggers. When you are trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea to take some time and just get back to eating what you love.

Make a list of 25 or more rewards you can give yourself every week when you stick to your plan of not overeating. At the end of each week that you have completed, you can choose one thing from your list and give it to yourself as a reward.
Some good ideas for rewards are: a bubble bath, a walk on the beach alone or with your loved one, a movie at the movie theater, a new pair of sandals, a gym membership, getting to sleep late one weekend. You might want to also come up with some ideas for rewards you will treat yourself with when you accomplish specific goals.
Overeating is a bad habit, like smoking or not picking up after yourself… and it takes time to break a habit.
Once you get used to eating only when you are hungry, you’ll most likely find that you have been eating WAY too much. How would a runners diet differ to that of a non-runner as far as nutritional and energy needs is concerned on LCHF?
Not taking on carbs only burning fat, they can sustain a speed which would see them run a marathon as quickly as two hours twenty minutes.
His research has shown that elite fat adapted ultra-marathon runners can draw all their energy needs from fat. Especially if you have moved on to the LCHF diet, there really is no need to load on, and then take on carbohydrates for races. Eating because you are trying to get more nutrition is good, but it’s not good to eat if you are not hungry. Because when you get into the habit of overeating, you lose the ability to tell when you are hungry.

It typically takes a few weeks to a month to start to feel the hunger pangs again and get used to not overeating. I had fallen into the bad habit of overeating during a time when I had a boyfriend with food issues. Drinking soda or other high-caloric beverages is generally a bad idea when you are trying not to overeat. If you are fat adapted there is no reason why you should run out of energy in a race like Comrades.
We eat the foods we think we should eat — and then we binge on the foods we want to eat. When you get used to not being able to tell when you are hungry, it starts to feel natural to overeat. However if your carbohydrate reserves run out and you are not used to drawing on fat, your performance will start to be affected. Instead of gobbling up the whole plate like I would have normally done, I decided to eat very slowly and only take a bite if I was really hungry. Every day or week that you don’t overeat (or both), give yourself a reward (refer to your list of rewards). If you are a 2 or 3, you can have a little something to tide you over — maybe a small handful of nuts or a piece of fruit.

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