The problem is actually agriculture, it is THE most destructive thing people have done to the planet. And exactly *how* does one do veganism “right” with respect to the critical vitamin B??? Shame she doesn’t have a Facebook page as I think she could really spread the word that way. I enjoyed the show and got some good information, but the burning question was never answered; What in the world was Lierre eating that so inexplicably ruined her health?
So it may turn out that the civilization will be a lone saviour of life, First saving it from CO2 deficiency, then perhaps from the Sun itself by moving to another planet or even another star system. More importantly, I would have loved to hear about how her prescribed way of eating can be adopted by everyday Americans, as well as how this lifestyle can be sustainable. We are turning our diet on its head in our house and it’s been a real challenge because I have twin 18 year olds in college who live at home and a 9 year old. You might be asking specific questions about each diet plan so that you can pick the one that suits you best. Some fat burn programs sound so effective that we wonder whether we need these guys on standby. The questions that overweight or obese ask themselves are different to the questions that slim people ask. These are just 3 examples of many, but these types of questions can have self sabotage built-in. If the questions are this flimsy in the beginning, what chance do you have after a week or two of trying to cement new habits?
When there is conflict and complexity it makes sense to simplify things and find common ground. Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health.
Lierre shares her journey of transitioning to an Ancestral approach to eating and living after decades as a vegan. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss.

At a certain point, it doesn’t make sense to carry on the politically correct, Kumbaya facade and be honest. And in the name of the children and young people who are unwittingly end up paying the consequences, it’s time to take the PC gloves off and do something about the injustice. I am only through the first half hour (I listen to the rest on my way to practice from work) and felt compelled to post.
You can get a better sense of what she’s advocating in her book if you’re interested!
I became a vegan at age 16 for ideological reasons and my health began to fail almost immediately.
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The words are so dramatic to describe someone who is simply picking the right foods to eat.
Young people are unknowingly ruining their health, based upon misinformation and disinformation they are being given by their fellow vegans, as Ms.
Sometimes the murderous parents are even let off the hook by the courts, as the above link demonstrates. When I saw that she was on the FBM show I was super excited to learn about her view points. Until then, I am interested in hearing your thoughts–Abel–on how her way of eating (especially grass fed cattle) can be sustainable for feeding the country, and the world.
I’d highly recommend reading her book because I believe she addresses your concerns about feeding the country with sustainable farming practices actually! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Maybe they have a habit of patronizing you, they speak slowly and explain small details as if you had trouble grasping even the simplest concepts. The third question is full of doubt and creates the idea that becoming slim is not really possible.
I love that you have the fire-trucks right there, just in case the fat-burning gets outta control!!

Keith so eloquently describes from her own experience, and from that of those she knew as a vegan. It’s up to us to get the word out, even if it makes followers of the vegan religion angry. The other one you might want to check out is my all-time farmer-crush, Mr Joel Salatin He has a bunch of books you might find interesting, but here’s his show with Abel in the meantime!
I’m vegan for health and ethical reasons, but I love learning about other dietary theories. The result is that I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have been unable to live a normal life of over 15 years.
If we constantly ask ourselves the right questions, then act in a way that is in harmony with the answers, we need never look for a fat burning diet plan ever again. And searching PubMed for more information reveals that this rampant problem is especially devastating to the innocent breast-fed infant children of vegan mothers, who are subject to profound abnormalities of brain development. Though she says that veganism is an unhealthy and unnatural way to live, I know many people who have been vegan since birth who are perfectly healthy (including people in my own family). Animal foods have always been highly coveted in traditional hunter- or herder-gather cultures. I so much appreciate Lierre for her dedication to sharing her story and setting the record straight on just how bad this kind of diet is for one’s body and the planet.
We would not have become the human being we are today with the inclusion of animal products in our diet. Or that she, as a teenager, wasn’t aware of how to maintain healthy and balanced vegan diet? Even if you personal have done okay on a vegan diet, that does not mean that your child or grandchild will fair as well after all of the DHA and B-12 have been depleted. The damage can take several generations to appear, and it can also take several generations to correct, as the work of Dr.

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