Did you know that the rowing machine works more muscles than any of the other cardio machines? Some people tend to think that high intensity cardio is the best type of cardio to do for fat burning. You learned this exercise as a kid, and it’s still one of the best exercises that you should be doing! You can follow along with this workout by heading to our Workout Builder and locating the "Quick, Fat-Burning Workout" under the Expert Playlist dropdown. For each of the exercises, you want to select a weight that is going to be challenging, but allows you to maintain proper form.
Selecting a weight that is too heavy can increase your risk of injury and selecting a weight that is too light can lead to lackluster results.
Taking too much rest will decrease the amount of calories and fat you burn during your workout, thus decreasing the amount of fat you are burning. Be sure with your lateral lunge you are leaning back on your bent leg and sticking your hips out to the back. The push press lets you use a little heavier weight with shoulder work because the legs help you create the movement. In between each squat thrust, you can add a push up that will increase the intensity and burn fat even faster!
These are total body exercises, so it is best to give your muscles at least one day in between to rest and recover.

If you are new to exercise or interval training, start with a work to rest ratio of 1:3, meaning you recover for three times the amount of time of your hard interval. Sarah is a certified personal trainer with over nine years of experience who specializes in training clients looking for fat loss and exercise for special populations.
Hook your fingers around the bar in the most comfortable hand position that you like to use.
We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries. Today we've got another workout for you to follow along with to help you spice up your fitness routine!
This is great for fast fat burning because the more muscles that you use, the more calories you burn. Be sure that you are engaging your posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) and that you are swinging the weight as opposed to squatting and lifting the kettlebell.
Be sure you keep your knees right over your ankles on the steps and lunges to ensure proper form. Be sure to keep your core tight as you complete this exercise to properly transfer forces between your upper and lower body. On that “rest” day, you can incorporate cardio interval training to help take your fat burning to the next level.
As you become more fit, you can decrease your rest time or increase your works interval time.

Place the bar above your clavicles and rotate your elbows up to form a horizontal angle with your arms. The best way to burn fat is to speed up your cardio and then slow it down… and then slow it down some more, doing intervals. Remember: If your body gets too used to a certain exercise, you may hit a plateau and stop losing weight or building muscle.
Mountain climbers will help your heart health, give you lower body power and core strength. This exercise targets the outer thighs, deltoids and obliques, and takes a lot of upper and lower body strength. With the addition of a few exercises into your program, you can burn fat this festive season. Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, push your hips back, and put the resistance on your heels.

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