Unfortunately for us experts believe the female anatomy increases the likelihood of anterior (internal) knee injury. Because of our wider, shallower pelvis cavity and more forward, natural tilt of our pelvis our femurs have a more inward angle, than our male counterparts.
Listed below are 4 exercises for improving hamstring health and function.  Appropriate for post knee, hip and lower back rehabilitation. Decreased function of one or more components of the human movement system (nervous, soft, muscle, and skeletal systems) creates imbalances, which will result in poor postural alignment, leading to improper movement and injury due to compensation (3).
The marketing statement that decreasing the intensity of exercise puts one into a fat burning zone is not entirely true. We all know a woman, ourselves included, who has suffered or is suffering from knee issues. Past research has found intensive exercise can be as addictive as heroin, which is why athletes with such demanding training often develop a dependence. Soccer, basketball, skiing and snowboarding tend to be major culprits behind injury or pain, but doctor’s are reporting a high-level of less-active women complaining of knee pain.
Listed below are three hamstring exercises for women.  These exercises are appropriate for post rehabilitation, general strengthening, and preparation for outdoor activity and sports.

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