In basic terms, I took the best of everything that I've learned through my education and experience in the fitness profession and I put it together in one program without time consuming and unnecessary fluff or excess.
The pictures are meant to show that counting calories can be extremely deceptive when it comes to the overall health value of your diet. Here's a quick video I put together explaining the Fat X diet and how you can use it to burn fat and lose weight. Follow the fat burning and fitness Fat X Program completely to get that toned, trim and athletic body fast.

Download the complete program which includes the workout videos and workout manual and start ASAP!
The Fat X Program is based on the most proven and effective techniques that the sports sciences have discovered. So here is a quick an easy breakfast that will stick to the Fat X guide lines and is also really easy and fast to make.4-6 egg whites1 whole egg1 piece of toast1-2 celery sticks3-4 cherry tomatoes ( i know tomatoes are actually a fruit, but they'r so good for you I just stick to considering them veggies)Putting that together shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If you don't want to use any of your 5% splurge allotment on toast, then skip the toast and replace it with more celery or another green veggie of your choice.

It's also a bit uncomfortable so you'll be more likely to move on with the days activities once your satisfied instead of sitting there eating and eating.

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