What happens when the nation's top strength coach and the experts at Men's Health team up to create a cutting-edge fat-loss workout? Dos Remedios puts a new spin on a classic weight-training circuit and turns it into a total-body challenge that will test both your mind and body.
Dos Remedios will show you how a "metabolic complex" will make your muscles beg for mercy with just one weight. Because Dos Remedios's workouts are based in weight training, you'll not only crush calories during the workout, but also elevate your calorie burn and fat burn for hours afterward. James Sjostrom, creator of the 4-Week Body Fat Detonator, first developed his background in strength training in the Marines.
With this new, four-week plan from Men's Health, you will train hard, rain sweat, and get results faster than ever. As your body repairs itself afterward, it will incinerate hundreds more calories than a standard cardio routine. So the Fat-Burning Firestorm will skyrocket your post-workout metabolism even more as it ignites muscle growth and builds strength.
Canadian researchers recently found that these short bursts of intervals improve fitness as much as running at a slow, consistent speed for 30 minutes straight.
That's why Ballantyne changes the lifting tempo of each exercise you perform in the Fat-Burning Firestorm.

After the initial period, we will continue to provide the Men's Health Personal Trainer services to you for additional periods of the same length at the same rates described above. You get The Men's Health Calorie Crush—an all-new 28-day plan that will make your fat cells cry and your muscles scream.
Dos Remedios is the highly acclaimed strength coach at College of the Canyons and winner of the prestigious NSCA Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year award. When we measured calorie burn with a heart rate monitor, one Men's Health editor torched 361 calories, while his average heart rate was 86% of his max for the entire workout. When we tried this incredibly efficient workout in the Men's Health lab, it took just 17 minutes and resulted in a fast and furious calorie-burn of 215 calories! In fact, research shows that workouts like The Men's Health Calorie Crush increase the rate at which your body burns fat by 22 percent. You will bring together two unstoppable forces — increasing muscle and decreasing fat.
Currently James is a StrongFirst Team leader, and has logged over 10,000 hours of personal and group training. Craig received his master's in exercise physiology from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, and continues to study the latest training, supplementation, and nutrition research.
For technical questions or questions about the service, visit the Customer Service or Help Page.

Designed for busy men, the Fat-Burning Firestorm delivers the most results in the least amount of time. Over time, you'll improve your endurance so you can go harder, longer, and faster during every workout. It forces your body to adapt to varying time under tension—so your muscles and fat cells never know what's coming next. You authorize us to charge your credit card at the beginning of each service period until you cancel. A fat-loss and muscle-building expert, Ballantyne created The Fat-Burning Firestorm workout exclusively for the Personal Trainer users.
You may cancel the Men's Health Personal Trainer service at any time by emailing or calling customer service, or online at the "My Account" page.

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