Lekin aapko jaana hoga wo konse aahar hai jo vasamukt hai jisko aapko apni dincharya mai shamil karna chahiye. Adrak se sirf khane ka swad hi nahi badhata, balki vasa kam karne mai bhi isko upyogi mana jata hai.
Sukhe mevo mai badam ek aesa healty option hai jo fiber, vitamin aur poshak tatvo se bhara huya hai.
Jaitun ka tel (Olive Oil) sharir mai moujud adhik cholesterol ki matra ko kam karne mai madad karta hai.
Santra khane se calorie nahi badti aur isme moujud citrus acid, sharir mai jame fat ko todne mai madad karta hai. Agar aapko vasa kam karna hai to full cream dudh se bane khadya padhart ko bilkul band kar dijiye.
Upar diye gaye sare khadya padharto se aap vajan ghata to sakte hai, lekin isko sahi matra mai lene se hi aapkpo manchaha parinam milega. Latest fat burning foods recipe to lose weight fast with low sugar low calorie and over 100 sugar free low fat recipes.Fat burning foods can be found everywhere and in all sorts of recipesa€”you simply have to know where to look and, of course, how to identify these types of food in the very first place. For those people who do think of items that can burn the fat, they usually go immediately to things such as hot spices or exotic herbs. There is actually some research behind the belief that the aforementioned items can burn fat, although it is slim because the thermogenic (or fat-burning effect) from said items is actually quite small. So while it is theoretically possible to burn some fat for just a 24-hour period by eating more of the aforementioned kinds of food in your diet and meals, the real fat burning foods are those that natural as well as nutrient-dense. Aur agar hum ladkiyo aur mahilao ki baat kare to unhe to jara sa bhi vajan badhane par chinta satane lagti hai.
Aur iske sath sath aapko aise aahar ke bare mai bhi jankari hona jaruri hai jo vasa ghatane mai jaruri hote hai.
Vastav mai yeh ek aushadhi hai aur iska sevan thik tarah se karne se atrikt charbi ko kam kiya ja sakta hai.

Iske alawa anya hari pattedar sabjiya jaise broccoli, patta ghobhi(Cabbage) hona bhi jaruri hai.
Iske lawa kali mircha ke sevan se bhuk control mai rehti hai, aur rog pratirodhak shamta bhi badhti hai. Yadi aap apne khane ko pakane mai Jaitun ke tel ka istemal kare to aapko vajan kam karne mai bahut madad milegi.
Iske sevan se vajan kam karne mai madad milti hai aur pachan prakriya bhi acchi ho jati hai. Lekin uble huye bhojan mai halki masalo ka upyog kiya jaye to, sharir mai moujud vasa ko kam kiya ja sakta hai. Isme moujud protein aapko urja to deta hi hai, sath hi sath charbi ghatane mai bhi madad karta hai. After all, when you think of food, you likely associate the word a€?fooda€? with gaining weight, but this does not necessarily have to be, as you will soon see.
If they are really imaginative, their minds may even drift to foods such as guarana, cider vinegar, hot mustard, chili peppers, cayenne and green tea, just because they can apparently increase your bodya€™s rate of metabolism. In addition, you should plan to eat meals that raise your satiety levels, feature a lower caloric density and possess a greater thermic effect of digestion. By way of an example, items with dietary fat possess the lowest amount of thermic effect while lean protein that comes from solid foods is the greatest thermogenic food. Simply choose either a fibrous or a green vegetable such as green beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, salad vegetables and cauliflower. Warm the olive oil over medium-high heat in a saucepan, adding the garlic and cooking for one minute.
Fiber sharir se vishele tatvo ko bahar nikalne mai madad karte hai aur atirikt vasa bhi kam karte hai. The thermic effect of food is nothing more than when your body utilizes energy in order to digest food.

Here are some examples of this kind of greatest thermogenic food: turkey breast, chicken breast, buffalo meat, bison meat, game meats such as elk and venison, basically all sorts of fish, red meat of a highly lean quality, egg whites, whole eggs in moderation and seafood like shellfish. Now, combine this fibrous or green vegetable with any one of the above-mentioned examples of lean proteins. It is healthy for you, it will not make you gain as much weight and it will reduce your chances of developing nasty health conditions later on in life. Take said saucepan off the heat, and add the salt, thyme, oregano, lemon juice, lemon zest and white wine.
Yeh calori mai low rehti hai, jisse ki pet bhara rehta hai aur sharir ka fat bhi burn hota hai.
The carbs from the fibrous or green vegetable plus the lean protein will establish the basis of your fat-burning meal!
Isse niyantrit karne ka aap har sambhav prayas kar rahe hai, lekin fir bhi asafal rehte hai. To finish of your fat-burning meal, be sure to include a helping of some natural starchy grains or carbs, and examples of those are oats, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Lekin kya aap jante hai ki aap apne bhojan mai vasa ki matra kam kar denge, to aap apne sharir mai bad rahi charbi ko kam kar sakte hai. If you follow this meal-plan guideline, you should do well at eating meals that contain a lot of ingredients that burn off your body fat.

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