If you are you a teenager ( Or even a beginner or female ) interested in burning fat and getting back in shape then my latest teens workout is for you. This workout is also great for beginners or even females who want to burn fat and get 6 pack abs quickly due to my Intensity Throttle technique which will have everyone pushing as hard as they can with every workout and so get the best possible results without ever hitting a plateau.
NOTE: I also have a free gift for you all inside the video from one of our teenage fat loss success stories who just dropped over 60 lbs! Don’t worry at first about counting reps, focus on your technique and later count the reps when you want to challenge yourself more.

Using powerful but safe bodyweight exercises and combining them with a cutting workout structure is what makes this workout perfect for teens wanting to get ripped and build a great body without using heavy weights.
Looks and sounds great, but when starting out, do we need to keep count of the number of reps we can perform in the 20 seconds?
The above parties are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury or health condition that may occur through following the opinions expressed here. I can see the need much later when you are in more of a self-challenge mode, but just getting used to proper form and keeping track of the short time and which ex to do next is hard enough.

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