The number 1 website that gives you the best Panlasang Pinoy Recipes from different locations of the Philippines. No need to go on some whacky grapefruit diet to get the benefits of it, but for most people this is going to require a new purchase at the store.
And you don’t have to buy the fruit, you can also simply buy grapefruit juice and start drinking that instead.
While not an option if you’re going vegetarian or vegan, this is often used by dieters and bodybuilders alike because of its high protein value and low amount of fat.
Panlasang Pinoy Recipes™ is a food blog that compiles delicious and easy to prepare recipes from various sources around the web.

Please sign up here if you would like to receive latest recipes form Panlasang Pinoy Recipes! Alter recipes whenever possible to replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats like olive, canola or peanut oil. Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Body says he uses grapefruit juice on his “free days” in an effort to avoid the food he’s eating from causing weight gain. We claim no credit for any images, recipes and videos featured on this blog unless otherwise noted.
In regards to weight loss the long standing myth that they help you lose weight is being proven left and right by clinical studies.

Most Americans have no trouble adding chicken to the diet, since it’s one of the most popular meats in the country.
Combined with strength training this can help tone your muscles leading to a higher metabolism.

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