Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach will be signing copies of his first book ‘Lean in 15‘ in Eason this January! In his first book, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, reveals how to shift your body fat by eating more and exercising less. Tickets are free, but are strictly limited and are only available to request through the entry form below. Unfortunately, you cannot book tickets through the shop or on the phone and tickets will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Summer is upon usA and that means ita€™s time to plan those long anticipated summer holidays. Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, has become an Instagram sensation thanks to his quirky fitness videos and 15-minute healthy mealsSpeaking to FEMAIL, Joe, a former personal trainer who now has 387,000 Instagram followers, said: 'Lean in 15 is 15 minute meals for busy people. As for exercise, Joe maintains that you dona€™t need to spend hours in the gym to achieve a lean body. In his latest project, Joe has partnered up with Philips to bust some juicing myths and share some of his favourite healthy juice recipes THE TRUTH ABOUT JUICE Juices are full of sugar and bad for your teeth!There are, leta€™s face it, cheap concentrated juice drinks packed with sugar that have been sitting on supermarket shelves for months.
In his first book, Joe reveals how to shift your body fat by eating more and exercising less. Eason book buyer Stephen Boylan sat down with Joe to ask him about his hugely successful book and how the infamous ‘Lean in 15’ idea came about, as well as his new book which is due to be released this June!
In two years, JOE WICKS has gone from struggling personal trainer to Instagram fat-loss guru. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Joe will only sign copies of Lean In 15 and will sign a max of two copies per ticket holder. I also get people eating more food, training less and burning fat for fun.'So what does an ideal day in the Lean in 15 world look like? In addition to high levels of sugars, during the bottling process heat and other types of processing of fruit and vegetables can lead to 15-35% reduction in vitamin C after treatment.
Lean in 15 features 100 recipes for nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals and guides you through Joea€™s signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts a€“ revealing how to combine food and exercise to ignite intense fat-burning. They were losing fat just following my online advice but I wanted to tailor specific plans [he hates the word diet] for people,' said Joe (pictured with Eamonn Holmes)Followers raved about how much food they were eating and how much fat they were losing.A Before and after pictures became a regular feature of his Instagram feed.
Joe recommends stuffed mushrooms with egg and feta for breakfast, protein pancakes or roasted red pepper and cashew sauce with pasta and parmesan cheese for lunch, and honey and sesame chicken stir-fry with rice for dinner.

It also got me a four book deal (watch this space) a€“ so in two years Instagram has pretty much changed my life. By juicing at home you can avoid other a€?fruit juicesa€™ on the market that have little or no health benefits, plus home juicing makes it easier to include more vegetables in your diet, which reduces the sugar content of the juice.Juicing is expensive for me to do at homeThis couldna€™t be further from the truth. The clips showed his followers how to cook nutritious, quick meals which, along with his intense workouts, promised to melt fat. Each ticket will admit one person and is for max two copies per ticket holder to be signed. You just need to change some habits and instead of shopping for guilty snacks, make space in your kitchen for healthy food. His following skyrocketed.What set Joe apart from other trainers posting online was his cheeky chappie persona. Yes, Leanees were shedding vats of fat, but think how much more whippet-like they could become if he offered them bespoke plans.A a€?I wanted to get people off starvation diets. Later, weights are introduced to make the exercises harder and burn more fat.Like his cookery videos, Joea€™s training clips have a homespun feel.
You can also head down to your local market or greengrocers to pick up fresh, in season fruit and vegetables to save some extra pennies. He sweats, grunts and admits to feeling sick.A Hea€™s got no problem with stopping if he is too exhausted.
The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw or amend this competition for any reason whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, Joe wona€™t be too specific (fair enough considering his company is projected to turn over A?10 million by next spring). The Promoter and their agents accept no responsibility for difficulties experienced in submitting an entry to this competition nor for any direct or indirect loss suffered by any individual arising from this competition or any involvement therewith.
People love a bit of a€?bosh!a€? and a€?wallop!a€?a€™What followers also love about Joea€™s recipes a€“ everything from Thai chicken curry to homemade ice cream a€“ is that no food group is banned.
What he will say is that it takes into account around 20 factors to calculate what balance of carbs, fat and protein you should be eating.I apply for the plan and a week later my assigned coach Jimi emails a detailed 100-page programme. This competition and these terms and conditions are governed by Irish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts. The staples of the Lean in 15 recipes are lean meat, plenty of vegetables, good fats and some carbohydrate, provided youa€™ve exercised.A Even maligned white carbs make a limited appearance.
The essence is that if Ia€™ve exercised I can pick one of the a€?carb refuela€™ meals and if not then Ia€™m to opt for a a€?reduced carba€™ option.I must eat the carb meal within 90 minutes of exercising and Ia€™m allowed two snacks a day.

Entrants are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions by participating in this competition. For some with underlying health problems, such as diabetes, this approach can also be dangerous. Coupled with brief but intensive training, Lean in 15, promised Joe, would create your dream body. Juicing has a part to play in our modern busy lifestyles, as ita€™s an easy way to give your body a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.
In the New Year, the SSS plans will be published as a book.And with his seemingly unstoppable march, Joea€™s lifestyle has changed significantly. For me ita€™s all about real food, real nutrients and plenty of good fuel for the body.Blending is better for you than juicingJuicing and blending both benefit the body in different ways. The exercises push you to the max for 30-60 seconds, then you rest for a similar period, and repeat.
With almost half a million followers on Instagram and many more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined, Joe talks of posts, likes and retweets with the fervour a financial trader would reserve for stocks and bonds.It all started five years ago in the London suburb of Surbiton.
Recent research from University College London actually recommends an a€?up to ten-a-daya€™ diet of fruit and veg. The then 25-year-old personal trainer (using the moniker a€?The Body Coacha€™) ran boot camps in the park, frequented by yummy mummies. Studies have also shown that those who have a greater variety of vegetables in their diet also tend to eat a greater quantity of vegetables and have overall better diet quality, so juicing is a great way to start getting greater variety in!Vegetable juice tastes terrible!Taste is personal, and everyone will have their own favourites. On a grander scale, Joe believes that replacing the traditional a€?eat less, move morea€™ mantra with his a€?eat more, move even morea€™ is the answer to the obesity crisis.A a€?My vision is to be the next WeightWatchers,a€™ he says. Thata€™s because juice retains all of the nutritional value of whole fruit or vegetables, with the exception of fibre. You can increase juice quality by using cold produce and juicing is a great way to add essential vitamins and minerals to your diet, so juice consistently and drink it fresh!

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