Stubborn belly fat that refused to vanish can now be targeted and erased almost automatically. That's why The Hormone Diet represents a GIANT step forward for people who have had little or no long-term success in losing weight. The Hormone Diet is the last weight loss plan you will ever need — because it's the only plan that addresses the real reason you can't lose weight.
In The Hormone Diet, you'll find more than 50 quick-cooking, fat-burning recipes for meals your whole family will love.
And best of all, with every dish, and every bite, you'll be restoring your body's natural hormonal balance — so excess pounds just seem to vanish almost by surprise. Losing weight is so much easier when your hormones are working for you, instead of against you!
TURN OFF your excessive hunger, constant food cravings (even for sweets!), and slowed metabolism.
Finally, science has discovered an easy-does-it, all-natural plan that reveals how to take control of your hormones, target your BELLY FAT, and slim down for good—in just 30 days.
A typical customer who follows the plan described in The Supercharged Hormone Diet can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week. The Supercharged Hormone Diet can take you from sluggish, soft, and bloated to SLIM, HEALTHY, AND HORMONALLY BALANCED! Natasha Turner is North America's leading naturopathic doctor and founder of the Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique in Toronto, Canada.
You'll find 70+ mouthwatering recipes for heartwarming meals, sumptuous smoothies, delectable desserts, and more! Let Beginner's Guide to Yoga help ease you into the basics of gentle, health-enhancing yoga—and flatten your belly at the same time! Even if you’ve never heard of it before, hormone sensitive lipase can help you lose weight. It’s not a new diet craze or fitness plan, but a little switch inside of you that can help you lose the extra fat that has been weighing you down. Hormone sensitive lipase is a complex chemically structured enzyme that acts as a catalyst for the hydrolysis of fat in your body.
The levels of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) in your body are inversely proportional to the serum levels of insulin. This is bad because it slows down the fat burning process and deposits more fat throughout your body.

Exercising every day has little effect on the fat burning capacity of the body if you’re sitting down better part of the day.
Studies done on rats have demonstrated that lipoprotein lipase and hormone-sensitive lipase are released from the leg muscles only when they are actively flexed or are contracting.
What this means is that hormone-sensitive lipase will only be released from your leg muscles when you’re standing. Sustained aerobic activity for longer than 15 to 20 minutes mobilizes fat from your bodily fat stores in response to decreasing glycogen levels in the blood.
With decreased blood sugar levels, your insulin levels are depleted, thus triggering an increase of HSL.
An added benefit of high-intensity exercise is that it results in a phenomenon called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption).
This causes the body to have a sustained oxygen deficit that takes a long time to be fulfilled after the exercise session is over. This may take up to 24 to 36 hours, thus burning more calories at that time as compared to a normal rest day. With these things in mind, you can take advantage of your natural store of hormone-sensitive lipase as a weapon against the fat you’ve been so desperately trying to get rid of. If you’d like a simple plan that puts these 3 strategies to work so you can lose up to 5 pounds per week – without calorie counting, dogmatic diets, or gruelling workouts – then grab a copy of my new book – The All-Day Fat Burning Diet.
Excess insulin and cortisol play a huge role in the accumulation of unwanted fat —especially around your belly. The glycemic index helps you control your blood sugar and hormone levels for MUCH better appetite control and faster fat loss.
Her passion for promoting wellness, fitness, and integrated medicine makes her a sought-after speaker for corporations, the public, and other medical professionals.
Turner regularly contributes to various magazines and television programs, including The Dr. Turner's Supercharged Exercise Plan, outlined in The Supercharged Hormone Diet, your FREE GIFT is packed with body-balancing, restorative moves that help you melt stress, strengthen your body, ease pain, and calm your mind on a daily basis. From ancient folk remedies to hard-to-maintain diet and exercise plans, our species is obsessed with trying out new ways to stay thin. You may be familiar with some basic principles, but I’d bet you’re not familiar with a little thing inside of you that can help you burn more fat. What this means is that as the levels of HSL decrease, the insulin levels in your blood increase.

Fasting also boosts up two very crucial fat burning enzymes in the body: the muscle-tissue based ipoprotein lipase and our friend hormone-sensitive lipase. It releases more of the hormone-sensitive lipase which burns fat and makes the body leaner and fitter. It means that high-intensity interval training will boost your HSL levels and help you burn fat. Insulin mediated inhibition of hormone sensitive lipase activity in vivo in relation to endogenous catecholamines in healthy subjects.
Alternate-day fasting in nonobese subjects: effects on body weight, body composition, and energy metabolism.
Not only does too much insulin encourage your body to store fat, but it also BLOCKS the use of stored fat as an energy source. And ONE program helps you do this naturally in just 30 days—The Supercharged Hormone Diet. She was recently recognized by the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors as being a leader in her field. Hormone-sensitive lipase control of intracellular tri-(di-) acylglycerol and cholesteryl ester hydrolysis. At the same time, your thyroid hormones drop and actually SLOW your metabolism, and your stress hormones skyrocket and start adding even more belly fat. Your free gifts are yours to keep no matter what as our thanks for previewing The Hormone Diet. Your free gift is yours to keep no matter what as our thanks for previewing The Supercharged Hormone Diet.
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