After years of frustration, sickness, and increasing flab, I stopped listening to the “experts,” “gurus,” and even my doctors. Once I did the opposite of what my doctors told me, I dramatically improved my health – reversing hypertension, healing my malfunctioning thyroid, and effortlessly shedding 20 pounds in 40 days. Skip ahead a few years, and now as host of the award-winning #1 Rated Fat-Burning Man Show, I help folks to improve their relationship with food, activity, and life by circumventing marketing myths, misinformation, and corporate scheming by eating real foods and engaging in effective, science-backed training to make you lean, healthy, and energetic.
After all, experts should help you build behaviors that would eventually put them out of a job. But with the collective health of the country (and beyond) falling off a cliff, it is more important than ever the help reverse the obesity and health crisis. My goal is to create a place where people can have spirited discussions and debate about issues that truly matter – not just fat loss and fitness, but ultimately health and quality of life. I also feel obligated to expose the truth about nutrition, fitness, and health so that people are no longer reliant upon deceptive marketing practices, misleading corporate propaganda, and powerful special interests that have accelerated the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis.
The Fat-Burning Man Show rocketed to top the charts just a month after launching and went on to hit #1 in 8+ countries, taking down Jillian Michaels in the process!
It’s extremely important to me to call corporations, marketers, diet industry gurus, and other swindlers on their BS and show people what is really going on.
Exposing myths, misinformation, and deceptive marketing is essential to enabling people to make informed decisions about their health. With the amount of misinformation and false prophets out there, it’s good to come to the table with a bit of skepticism.
After paying my own way through school with scholarships, I still had to take on some hefty, nasty loans. I conducted research and gave presentations across the world and learned the ins and outs of an industry that does not always present the truth to consumers. Everyone can really benefit from the principles in the Wild Diet and I hope to get it out to as many people as possible.
After being sidelined by a recurring injury, I started researching the evolutionary approach to running.
After I tossed my shoes, strengthened my feet with barefoot running (with Vibrams), and developed a natural, symmetrical form, I suddenly didn’t get injured anymore. The ancestral health movement is growing rapidly and I see no plausible reason why it wouldn’t continue to gain steam. Whether or not you want to live like a caveman is another issue entirely, but there is no doubt that the paleo approach to nutrition and lifestyle works. Abel James is a #1 best-selling author, top 10 App Developer, musician, radio show host, entrepreneur, and veritable health crusader.
Within its first year, Abel’s Fat-Burning Man Show rose to the #1 most popular health podcast in the United States and United Kingdom and went on to top the charts in more than 7 countries across the world for the past 2 years. A former strategic advisor to the food and beverage industry, Abel now acts as a consumer advocate who exposes the truth behind deceptive marketing practices, misleading corporate propaganda, and powerful special interests that have accelerated the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis.

Abel and his team developed Caveman Feast, the #1 App in Food and Drink across the world and #6 App overall in the Apple Store in 2013. Abel has advised Fortune 500 and federal government clients including Microsoft, State Street Global Advisors, Lockheed Martin, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, and the Library of Congress. A research junkie, Abel James completed high school and college in a total of just six years.
Hailing from the frosty backwoods of New Hampshire, Abel James lives with his kitchen co-pilot, Alyson, and his rambunctious yellow lab, Bailey, in Wilder, Tennessee. GET FAT-BURNING SECRETSGET MY BEST FAT-LOSS SECRETS, TIPS & TRICKS SENT RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. Chris is a sought-after nutrition expert and a seasoned researcher on the interactions between vitamins, essential fatty acids, and cholesterol.
Love the show notes – really helps to integrate this great information into daily life! I have been using the fantastic recipes in your juice challenge app and the reminder about the importance of taking fats with vegetables and fruits made me wonder if fats would be a good addition to all of the recipes.
Some very important vitamins are fat soluble which means that fats can be very useful and healthy.
I would like to suggest that you put transcript of your podcast as downloadable text file which will enable some persons with disability to use it and learn about healthy nutrition. Was listening to this episode a few weeks back on my drive to San Fran, blew my mind on how to look at inflammation. Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health. I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat until I found the truth.
As such, I share the principles and system that enabled me to dramatically optimize my life with folks who want to shed unwanted fat and improve their health in a way that is completely honest, fun, and lifelong. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss. I am extremely passionate about addressing the obesity epidemic and health crisis in order to improve the lives of as many people as I possibly can. What started as a hobby to help spread the truth about health turned into a massive podcast with half a million downloads a month!
I’m constantly experimenting on myself to see how much our bodies and minds can achieve.
I witnessed their wily marketing tactics and do my best to expose the deception when I see it.
This gives me the freedom to explore and evaluate breakthrough research and uncommon principles and techniques. But I’m very confident in everything I say and write, and my record of personal success and in coaching others to transform their bodies and lives is nothing to shake a stick at.

There are native tribes all over the world where geriatrics run 80 miles a day for no apparent reason and live beyond 100. I’m honored to be a trusted voice in such a vibrant, thriving community of people interested in health and nutrition. Abel’s work has been featured in WIRED Magazine, Paleo Living, and hundreds of media outlets in business, technology, psychology, and health. Abel harnesses the techniques he developed for the Wild Diet to achieve extremely compelling results in fat loss and health for his clients and the community. My name is Abel, and a few years ago, I decided to seriously focus on my health and made some alarming discoveries. There are actually many conflicting pieces of advice and people pick according to who is the nicest guy – but you really have to try different options and see what works for you. I learned that almost everything that I thought I knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong.
This leads to incredibly interesting discussions with the top minds in performance on the show that you can use to level-up your game.
I alternate between resistance training with free weights and body weight, and I throw in high-intensity sprints during a casual jog once in a while. If grandpa can run 80 miles a day, then why can’t I run 8 without shattering my shins?
I created this website to share these discoveries and help people achieve their diet goals, in a fun, healthy and sane way! Through my podcast, books, and coaching, I am dedicated to helping others optimize their health and reach their ultimate potential by being their own guru. If you want to judge a nutrition or fitness system, take a good, hard look at a picture of its creator.
After being Valedictorian at New Hampton School, I earned my degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College in three years and graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors. But it comes down to the fact that I have found workouts that I really enjoy, so when I feel like I need to get up and move or let off some steam, I get outside and run fast or throw heavy weights around at home. I’m extremely passionate about addressing the obesity epidemic and health crisis and improving the lives of as many people as I can. It’s astounding how many of these people are unhealthy, obviously photoshopped, or even fat and out of shape.

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