Today’s show is with inspired cooks and two amazing people, Hayley and Bill of The Food Lovers Primal Palate and authors of Make it Paleo, The 30-Day Intro to Paleo, and the soon-to-be-released Gather.
After years of frustration, sickness, and increasing flab, I stopped listening to the “experts,” “gurus,” and even my doctors. GET FAT-BURNING SECRETSGET MY BEST FAT-LOSS SECRETS, TIPS & TRICKS SENT RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. To say that we were excited at the prospect of interviewing this guest would be an understatement to say the least! He has recently developed a Paleo Cooking App called, Caveman Feast, with his great mate, George Bryant from Civilised Caveman.
Abel is the host of the wildly popular, Fat Burning Man Show and is a serial Entrepreneur, with a serious man voice to boot.
Hailing from the frosty backwoods of New Hampshire, Abel James lives with his Rambunctious Yellow Lab, Bailey, in Austin Texas. He’s a man who was making the big bucks in the corporate game and decided to walk away with nothing but the clothes on his back, quite literally, in order to follow his passion in health and wellness. Your hosts Crystal and Jo invite you to listen, learn and share as we talk practical approaches to primal living in the modern world, along with regular guests, experts and practitioners and you guys, the everyday person trying to make a Paleo or Primal lifestyle work for you. With a love for learning, cooking & eating, Crystal regards herself as a ‘Real Food’ foodie. She is currently working on managing her stressors, healing a leaky gut, rebalancing hormones and addressing disordered eating. As a certified Food Coach and a Peninsula Mindfulness and Meditation Leader, Crystal is looking to help others reconnect with their primal selves.
She can be found talking ‘food as medicine’ on the Eat Sleep Move blog and Ecology Skincare. Jo is originally from NZ but has been happily calling Melbourne home for the past 10 years. After a brief flirtation with vegetarianism and a heart breaking long term relationship with chronic cardio, Jo was left hormonally broken.
Two years ago she turned to a Primal lifestyle in order to find the underlying causes of her hormonal dysfunction and start the healing process. Not only did Jo begin turning her health around, she also developed a keen interest in all things paleo. Jo is a food coach who also heads up the Melbourne Paleo Meetup Group and related Facebook page. TPS DisclaimerPlease remember the information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only. Before we get to the show, if you haven’t already heard, we have a very special announcement. We got 20+ of the top bloggers and authors in the Paleo-cooking world together and created an eCookbook of some of their best recipes! Hey Stefan, we are just running some of most popular shows from the last few years while Abel puts the finishing touches on the upcoming Wild Diet book. Dr David Perlmutter: Grain Brain, Eating Fat Makes You Smart, and Why (Brain) Size MattersDr. Here’s what’s up– I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently from people who keep up with the blog and the show about what exactly is The Wild Diet.
I never want to push you to buy anything (which is exactly why my show is commercial-free), but I put a lot of effort into this project to create the only diet book you’ll ever need.
The philosophy of The Wild diet is to honor the natural rhythms of your body, and get food as close to its source as possible. In this podcast I’m going to read you whole sections of the book—including a juicy bit about the Big Food Industry and how America became fat and sick. Plus, there’s loads of actionable advice– from how to get ripped only working out minutes a day, to feeding your dog on a Wild Diet.
So, take a listen to this short bonus podcast and then go check out some of the reviews on Amazon or iBooks, or wherever you book shop online. Then, once you read it, please make sure you leave a review and let me know how you liked it. In this week’s episode, Gary pulls back the curtain on what the FDA knows that the public doesn’t—information that just may be keeping you from having a lean and healthy body. The truth about the explosion of “sham supplement” companies — is your vitamin laced?
This interview is so raw and honest that I was absolutely shocked by some of the things I learned. Gary also just released The Organic Caveman, and it covers everything from GMO’s to polyculture and teaches you how to bring organic food into your lifestyle. We’re going after that guy who’s selling you a cream that actually has an active drug ingredients when it’s not supposed to. Stay away from supplements that are owned by big pharmaceutical or personal care companies.
If you’re private labeling, you can start a supplement company online for a few hundred bucks. Abel: The thing that got me sick was listening to the wrong doctors and relying on celebrity books.
Gary: I’ve investigated a lot of doctors during my career, so there was a time that I didn’t go to a doctor for two years because I was only seeing the bad ones. RED FLAG= someone claiming to be a health expert when they have no background in the field. If someone has “learned the secret” to optimal health, or they’ve “uncovered a hidden ingredient” like in Subway’s bread, that doesn’t mean they’re a health expert.
Gary’s got three books out, available on his website and on Amazon: Primal Power Method Change Your Body. I’ve heard Gary several time on the Survival Podcast and he is very negative towards almost everyone in the Paleo movement. By his criteria Abel, you are a phoney because you have no background or credentials like his. As an aside, I like his books and what he has to say when it’s just about exercise and nutrition, but the people bashing is when he loses me.
You have to remember I see things through a different pair of glasses, my BS meter is pretty sensitive. I think my wording may have been a little hyperbolic and not really relate-able to this podcast episode. No worries, I do it sometimes too, well you already know that Abel is a really good guy, and we have had some interesting talks about the movement and where everything is going. Thanks for the support and love that you are a TSP follower, Jack and I have become good friends, I love what he does. Thankyou Gary and Abel I thoroughly enjoyed your discussions and YES Gary I will buy your book. I find it very worrying as people try to make changes in their lives to get healthy that BIG PHARMA is alway sone step ahead of them and all these supplements are flooding the markets on one way or another.
So instead, we just sit back and hold hands surrounded by puppies and butterflies to make sure no one is offended. So if by calling Kresser out and helping a huge number of people who are confused by such advice, makes me an asshole. Our company (a custom manufacturer for over 100 brands) has been audited several times over the last 3 years by FDA and has done well. Multibillion dollar drug companies have products that are potentially toxic and often times only sparingly effective. I found this podcast very interesting, but I have to admit that when I visited Gary’s site, I was very disappointed. I do appreciate the info and exhortation to be careful about where you buy supplements from, though. Not sure what to think that is a strange website, has a weird slant to it and raises red flags on its own. Abel: Today we’re here with Gretchen Rubin, the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. Abel: One of the reasons I got a puppy about three years ago is that I wanted to destroy my life and let that be okay.
With a puppy, you really have to be aware of when he needs to eat and drink and go out—you have to be very aware of another creature’s needs.
From a habit perspective, how many people know they need to take a dog for a walk and they do it. But if you know your puppy is going to be mischievous without his walk, you’re more likely to do it. Sometimes people find out they’re pregnant, or they get a doctor’s report, or it could just be a casual conversation with a friend, but whatever it is it will set off a change in their head.
Abel: I get a lot of people writing in and asking why it’s so difficult (especially when they get results) to convince the people around them. It is funny when we become so convinced, and we see the personal benefits and the research, we want everyone in our lives to eat this way. You can spend all day flip-flopping about exercising then feel totally exhausted without even having gone to the gym. I don’t have to decide to give up sugar every day, or not eat dessert, or get up at 5:30am. I have identified 21 strategies, and to change a challenging habit you might use 5 or 6 of them.

For people who are discouraged, I think there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit—things right for you that will help make that habit stick. If you think you want to go into work at 6am during the week and then take the weekends off, and your identity is a workaholic, you won’t be able to take that weekend off.
Abel: How can you tell if your idea of your identity is something that’s serving you or not?
If it’s interfering with a habit you want to have, you need to think about how your identity is not serving you.
Abel: Being in harmony with your surroundings and intentionally designing your environment to make good habits easy is also really important. If you’re constantly checking your cell phone while driving, put it in the trunk or under the back seat on mute. If you don’t want to watch TV, instead of keeping the remote by the chair you sit in, put it on a high shelf behind a closed door. This is a rule that says if there’s anything you could do in less than a minute, do it without delay.
The one-minute rule just happens in these little parts of your day, and a lot people say it’s amazing how much gets done in just these little bits of time. If you load yourself with shame or guilt, it’s not going to energize you to do a better job. Research shows that people who get back in the saddle are the people who show compassion to themselves. Maybe that birthday party didn’t go so well, but the holidays are coming up and so now I know I shouldn’t go somewhere hungry.
The prize for bringing your lunch is a new lunch box, not something like a giant piece of chocolate cake.
If you want your body or health to be different, you need to make changes that are indefinite. It’s exciting and encouraging when there are these tools, and this is the kind of thing that’s going to work.
Here are a few quick tips for how to drop fat and get results with your New Year’s Resolutions this year. Choose Wild fish and seafood instead of farm raised to bump up healthy fats in your meals, get quality protein, and nourish your brain and body.
Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, we have something special for you to help you get in the best shape of your life this year. Over 65% of people who make resolutions include fitness goals in their promise to be healthier … but not so promising is that 1 in 3 will have abandoned their goals by the end of January!
Many people quit because they either lack knowledge about how to accomplish their goals, or they don’t have a supportive community to make sure they stick to it.
The good news is that we are here for you with all the tools, motivation, and support you need to get in the best shape of your life.
And this year, we’re doing something extra special with our online community, The Fat-Burning Tribe. For one month only, we’ll be sharing our new and improved 30-Day Meal Plan for free with members of The Fat-Burning Tribe. After your first month, if you want to continue your Tribe membership with online community support, new recipes, monthly question & answer videos, exclusive articles, masterclass videos, and cooking videos you can continue your subscription for just $27 a month (less than a dollar a day).
Just finished with the snow blower and was listening to this podcast while I cleared the most recent snow. I was turned on to both the Paleo world and Gretchen Rubin by one of my colleagues so was really great to see these two worlds collide. Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health.
Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss. My name is Abel, and a few years ago, I decided to seriously focus on my health and made some alarming discoveries.
I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat until I found the truth.
Organic, Grass Fed Tallow based moisturisers that closely mimic the oils our skin naturally produces.
He’s an elite tri-athlete, a brain geek (like me), a blogger, and (most importantly) a hot wing eating champion. The biggest challenge with choosing not to eat meats would be making sure to get adequate protein. Since he last appeared on the show, Mark has published his follow-up to The Primal Blueprint, an excellent read entitled The Primal Connection. If you’re in the mood for some healthy cogitation about your place in the world, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy. It’s a great read, my friend, and a necessary next step for anyone who has their diet and fitness dialed-in like you.
I’m slowing reclaiming my emotional and financial stability thanks to following this path and also doing some deep emotional healing work from repressed trauma previously that kicked this off. Now, he’s a ruthless consumer watchdog—down in the dirt trying to keep the supplement and pharmaceutical industries clean and honest, which is quite a monumental task.
It involves search warrants and affidavits just like any other type of investigation—only we’re investigating cases of counterfeit drugs, food, supplements, scam companies. One time, I found a case of counterfeited Campbell’s Soup, and I’ve found counterfeit catsup, too.
They put up a complicated web of shells and fronts and an endless succession of new companies. Do that and you’re rolling the dice, and you’ll probably end up causing more harm than good. If it sounds too good to be true (“Lose 100 pounds eating anything you want!” for example.), then it probably is. If a product is good, why would you need everyone in your family and neighborhood to sell it in order to buy it?
Sometimes a small company puts out a great product, then they’re bought by big business and the formulas all change. The employees running the vitamin and supplement section are usually well-trained and have experience in the area. Find someone who’s not a supplement store [such as Gary] to order your supplements from, but make sure they’re well-trusted and have a solid background in wellness. That’s really the best way to find something good—just be wary if someone has fantastic results on a cheap-o supplement. Even with the USDA organics, you just don’t know anymore because the process isn’t regulated. This means that you just slap your company branding on a bottle of supplements made by the larger manufacturer. One of these “overnight experts” once said that because modern medicine has it all wrong, it’s better to start with a blank template. I go after people who are full of crap period, and only when it comes to my attention ,or someone points it out to me. My feeling is it has to be done from time to time to keep people in the business as honest as you can.
I’m in the middle of starting a new video based show, and definitely plan to have Abel on, and my blog too.
Your information is not what many people are going to want to hear, but really need to listen to…and quite carefully!
I have nearly 4 decades in organized sports, competitive sports, nutrition, working with clients, and not to include all my other in the government experience and education. But you are obviously biased in your opinion, as Dr, Cordain puts Chris Kresser in his place big time, not just me. Sorry, but I spent a large part of my life protecting the freedoms for people like, and I will not give into the Political Correctness crowd. And yes I have heard of them, their reps are the worst offenders for pitching their products on social media (especially LinkedIn). If you listen to what I said and explain, even if an MLM produces a good product, you are going to pay more than it is actually worth, because of the multiple levels of people who have to get their cut off the product.
FDA and FTC have a fair amount of regulatory power over the dietary supplement industry and always have. One is the formulation – does it answer your needs both in the ingredients and their quantity and quality. That will change over time, but to comply with FDA cGMPs is a costly investment for a small company. For all the talk, he comes across just like the carnival barker self-proclaimed experts he rants about. Both Gary and Lauren come across like supreme assholes in that article, that’s the last thing we need.
The author of the article looks like she is 12, and when I clicked on her profile it says I have to register just to see it. I’m starring with celebrity trainers including Shaun T of the hit workout program, Insanity. Rubin started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she wanted to be a writer (I freaking love that).
We tried going out late when we had a puppy, and what we came home to was an absolute disaster.

What you may not realize is that exercise actually boosts your energy, unless you’re doing something super-rigorous.
To me, it’s so utterly compelling and some people have the lightening bolt and others don’t.
His answer is, “But Gretchen, you’re just a data point of one.” But I’m the only data point I care about!
He was in his mid 70s, 30 pounds overweight, and all his numbers were moving in the wrong direction. His doctor was like, “Hey Jack, how have you changed your diet?” He got back to his high school weight. My family has been changing slowly, too, but I think it’s frustrating when you want people to really accept the theory and follow along. I’m part of a “freaky fringe.” I’m part of a small group of people called upholders, who find it very easy to form habits. Even someone who was speaking to me about habits for a long time, I just didn’t hear what she was saying. Then she realized that she thought going to bed before midnight was a sign of a suburban sort of uncool person, not her hip party-all-night identity. A lot of times, once you point this out to people, they begin to see pretty easily what it is about their identity that’s interfering. We live in smoky mountains and just being able to open the door and go for a walk with the dog is incredible.
Don’t feel like you have to move to another state to make a difference, just think about what is going to make it work for you. Maybe you need a trainer, a friend, an accountability group where somebody’s going to say, “Hey, how did it go? If you can put the lid on the peanut butter, put away your coat, take out the recycling… do it now.
They try to learn from something and move forward, because often when you load yourself with guilt, you turn back to the habit to make yourself feel better.
If you get into a lot of good healthy cooking, then get yourself a set of good knives because that will help you with your cooking! You make one small change and then you can do this thing that’s been frustrating you for years.
I get it – we’re all swimming in misinformation when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. We’re just about to launch The Wild Diet 30-Day Challenge to help you get in the best shape of your life. For the entire month of February 2016 (during our 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge), you’ll not only gain access to our library of videos, recipes, articles, downloads, and a supportive group of community members—you’ll also be able to grab the 30-Day Meal Plan (a $97 value) for just $1.
Leave a comment below to share your personality type and what you’ve learned about how to best make habits for yourself. Have been listening to your podcast, and Gretchen’s for about 6 months now, and of course enjoying both. I created this website to share these discoveries and help people achieve their diet goals, in a fun, healthy and sane way!
While you’re here, go ahead and sign up for my e-mail list and I’ll shoot you a free ebook and a few other surprises as a special thanks for your support. I had to discover this on my own and had a great doctor who told me to eat keto and started feeling confident, grounded and clear headed for the first time in my life. It’s good because we can do what we want—and it’s bad because the bad guys can do what they want, too. Sham companies will sometimes lace just a few of each batch with performance-enhancing drugs to amp up the hype over this “miracle” product.
They’ll drop in an active drug so some random consumer will get a bottle and feel great, but the next time they purchase it, there will be no effects at all.
There are new private labeled brands popping up every single day, and the problem is that you just don’t know what you’re getting.
The Organic Caveman has just been released, and it covers everything from GMO’s to polyculture and teaches you how to bring organic food into your lifestyle. I never search for it, and will not do it on a regular basis, I’ve said my piece, but I will not steer away from controversy if I think it will help my followers or the general public. Trust me I don’t do this for the money, I truly love what I do and wear my passion on my sleeve, which is good and bad.
When someone acts like a total idiot on national TV, which Kresser did and hurts the movement, you bet I’m going to call them out by name. I even invited Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser to be on my show to give their side of the story to have a civilized conversation about the matter. When you break down how an MLM works, for me it just makes no sense to purchase from as a consumer.
There are products that have too little of too much or use inferior sources of ingredients.
Consumer Labs is not perfect, but for the consumer it is the most affordable and a place to start. I have stopped listening to many of the other paleo podcasts because it gets a bit boring to constantly hear the same thing. On the show, you’ll learn why low carb diets work, simple tricks to be happier, and how to hack your habits to kick butt in health and life.
Don’t forget to tune in at 9 pm Eastern, 8pm Central Thursdays on ABC to see my ugly mug on national television.
We’re going to talk today about how you can upgrade your life by tackling your habits… and joining us is your new puppy! You get a puppy pooping everywhere and destroying things, how has that changed your habits? The cons are that you give up your freedom, they cost a lot of money, and then there’s the pooping.
I was talking to my friend Al Jacobs who’s a brilliant writer and wrote Drop-Dead Healthy, and he knows all the research about low-carb but came out with more of a traditional dietary approach. So I asked her, “How do you tell yourself ‘no’ when it comes to french fries?” She says to herself, “Now I’m free from french fries.” You get free from it when you abstain. So, if you have to choose between joining the gym right across from your office or saving a few buck by joining the gym a couple blocks away, choose the one that’s more convenient.
These things are nothing consequential on their own, but added together, they drain your energy. What I learned is that rewards are very undermining, so you don’t want to use them unless the reward takes you deeper into the habit.
Found it interesting that both my colleague and I are Upholders, as well as one of my good friends, and completely identified with what Gretchen said about not realizing that she was on the freaky fringe yet it was so obvious to everyone else. If so that would be disappointing since they were so good and I only had just found them in September. That person with one secret or one find has no background in anything related to health but suddenly they’re a sensation.
For you to get a supplement or food product tested on your own you are easily looking at $1,000 to $2, 000.
I don’t know if you have any knowledge of these oils but what do you think of these oils if they have all of the supplement facts and show how the oils are made. I was eating egg white omelets and bran cereal with not great results until that point—my lightning bolt was true because I saw incredible changes in my body when I changed my diet.
I’ve gotten through the last few months listening to the older shows but I’m running out fast! If the link you follow goes to a different company than what’s “listed” as the seller, don’t buy the supplement. Tthey flat out admit that it is more important to promote yourself on TV, and say something that is not true (foods acceptable on Paleo that are not) than it is to do the right thing, which would have been to back out of the show. As I said, your best bet is always with a knowledgeable sales person at your local health food store. I have a sixteen year old daughter and a ten year old daughter, and the puppy gives them something they like to do together. It was this new way of thinking, a focus on insulin, and it really radically changed my habits.
There’s ten loopholes and we are such good advocates of ourselves that we find ways to use them. Typically I find Questioners to be the easiest type of patient to work with in my practice. When I burned out on investigation, I ended up in the FDA where I went out of the frying pan and into the fire.
That crazy thing called integrity seems to be lost these days, especially by the majority of the group Kresser associates himself with. All raw materials and finished products we make are tested and comply with safety levels of potential toxins be they chemical, heavy metal or microbiological. She’s never consulted with clients and seen the straight-on effects of what she’s slinging.

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