One of my favorite fat burning meal ideas that takes less than 15 minutes to make is the grilled chicken + steamed broccoli + brown rice combo! As you can see in the picture below, you have a grilled piece of seasoned chicken, brown rice, and steamed broccoli.
2) Throw the brown rice into the microwave – it takes 3 minutes (I use the brand pictured below this step). 4) After you get the rice cooking in the microwave, start steaming the veggies in a pot on your stove.

5) After the chicken is done to your liking put it on the plate with the finished steamed broccoli! If you like storing a lot of produce in your fridge, but always find that it goes bad before you ever eat it, this amazing product will solve that problem for you! You should be able to have a steamer attachment that you can get at any kitchen supply store. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies.

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