It may not be easy fighting with your own sleepy self to get up for a morning workout, but here is a quote that can motivate you to squeeze it in before hitting the shower. The positive correlation between exercise and energy abundance was found by researchers at University of Georgia. Come back and leave us a comment below to let us know if this 5 minute workout was challenging enough for you! Mom of a little girl who loves to bake with me and dreams of rock climbing and wife to a loving Paleo clean eating husband of 7 years. Sounds a bit odd, but yes, training in the morning is way more affective for burning calories and fat then you think. An issue for starting the habit of morning training is always the yawning and the desire to sleep 20 minutes extra rather than exercise.
A lot of our members ask us when they should be exercising, I think what it really comes down to, is when is the best time for you and what are you training for?
You might have heard that exercising in the morning is best for weight-loss, I have heard that one bandied around a bit, but there doesn’t seem to be that much scientific evidence to back it up, according to Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology Kym Guelfi (UWA). Getting strong: if you are really keen to see increases in the amount of weight you can push around you will probably see better results when you exercise later in the day, simply because we have more fuel in our bodies and we are more alert and consequently will be able to exercise harder and for longer. You probably don’t approve the idea of working out few minutes after yawning, because the body is “still a sleep”; but with a few adjustments and habit crafting you’ll see the results.

Many people have difficulties having breakfast in the morning and don’t eat at all until noon. Well let me tell that almost every boxer wakes up early in the morning and runs at least a half an hour. For most of us, we want to keep healthy, be fit and strong and (let’s not kid ourselves) we want to look good too!
The belief that you burn more calories in the morning stems from the fact that if you exercise first thing (before you eat) you mobilise more fatty acids – which means you burn more fat. A study from the Clinical Research Centre at the University of Chicago also indicated that it might be better to train after work because your bodies metabolism seems to adapt better.
Exercise tend to be a mood enhancer too, so it means you’re starting out your day on the right foot.
Exercising will speed up the metabolism and increase the morning appetite, so you’ll have to eat something before you go to work.
That is not their idea of showing-off, but their way of burning fat and increasing the level of power in the muscles. Once it’s there and you see the results, then you won’t feel the need to adjust the alarm clock; the body will do that for you. If those are your goals then you are going to get the best results exercising frequently and at a decent level of intensity.

Burning fat is of course what we want, but if you, like me, take a while to get moving in the morning, then chances are you will exercise much harder later in the day and be able to push yourself more when you’re more awake. Subjects in the study who exercised in the evening reported far greater increases in levels of endocrine hormones (cortisol and thyrotropin) than those who exercised in the morning. Cardiovascular workout on an empty stomach in the morning has proved to be very effective, but don’t jump in to it too quickly. I think you can probably see where I’m going here…the best time to exercise is when you actually get it done!
You will also probably train harder for longer – but will you always make it to the gym?
Don’t think about the morning exercises as a means of torture just to burn fat; think of it as a fuel production for the day’s assignments.
If you live in a beautiful suburb neighborhood or near the park, then you are meant for the morning exercise.

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