EmailPrintIt’s frustrating for us at Online Health Wiki to hear complaints from readers about diets that aren’t working because we know exactly why they aren’t happy.
The ideal diet let’s people still eat the way they want to eat while making real muscle growth. The eating restrictions other diets make you follow—the same things that are too hard to do and lead you to quit on those diets—are just some of the things The Renegade Diet tosses out of the window. If you want to try a diet developed with the expertise of a fitness expert who’s been featured everywhere from ESPN, Fast Company, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health,and Muscle & Fitness Magazine, you want to try The Renegade Diet.
One expert recommends consuming about 20 grams of protein, or about one scoop of protein powder, right after a workout. The diets they’re trying either have restrictions that are too harsh, making people give up food in an unrealistic way, or the diets don’t do enough to provide people with any visible results.

We looked around at a lot of the programs out on the market today and none of them come close to providing the type of results that you can get from Jason Ferruggia’s The Renegade Diet. Because these diets are engineered to improve only one target area of the body, they ignore or even do damage to of the rest of your body. If you’ve ever tried a muscle-building or fat loss diet before, some of the concepts in The Renegade Diet will probably shock you. For instance, with The Renegade Diet, you can indulge in all the carb-heavy eating that you crave and still wind up lean and tone the next day. If you’re ready to have the tone, lean body of your dreams without starving yourself of the foods that you love, you’re ready to be a renegade. Over the course of doing one of these muscle building diets you wind up putting on as much as two pounds of fat for every one pound of muscle you put on.

The same goes for fat loss diets that cost you a pound of muscle for every two or three pounds of fat you lose. What you will do is use intermittent fasting—basically skipping breakfast—to key your body up for burning those extra calories away, especially while you work out. And, in either case both these types of diets can be confusing to follow and difficult to stick to.

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