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Carrots, chopped, Onions, chopped, Garlic cloves, minced and 12 more.. Sliced celery, Sliced fresh carrots, Sliced onion and 9 more.. Head cabbage, Beef, ground, Potatoes, Carrots, sliced and 7 more.. Carrots, finely grated, Salt, Black pepper and 11 more..
Celery, chopped, Carrots, chopped, Onion, chopped and 8 more..

Beef stew meat , cut into bite-sized pieces, Vegetable oil and 20 more..
Ground beef chuck, Onion, finely chopped and 14 more.. Ground beef, Onion, finely chopped, Red bell pepper, diced and 13 more.. Burgers, Ground beef chuck, Onion, finely chopped and 20 more.. Dry white bean, Water, boiling, Chicken bouillon cubes and 14 more.. Pearl barley, Carrot, peeled, Celery, White onion, peeled and 4 more..

Boneless skinless chicken breasts (may be frozen), Water and 16 more.. Let it cook for about 2 minutes, then add the rice and lentils (Wash both before doing so).

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