If you’re keeping score at home, this is the third time that Jillian has been sued over her diet pills.
The pills also contain coffee bean extract, guarana and synephrine — so they could definitely keep you jittery all day (but certainly not enough to melt away fat). Hi, I'm Janet Helm, a nutrition journalist, registered dietitian, food trend tracker and mom of twins. Here you’ll find my thoughts, opinions and musings about nutrition, diet myths, food trends, new products and fad-free healthy eating. Fat burning pills are extremely popular however they are not necessary if you are following an effective weight loss program. Fat burning pills typically offer very little benefit, and can never make up for a poor diet or lack of exercise. If you are looking for a really easy way to burn fat and lose weight, then look no further than Eat Stop Eat, possibly the easiest and most effective way to create a calorie deficit and to lose weight and body fat.

Diet pills are a great way to kick start your fitness and weight loss regime.  Diet pills can give you the boost you need to start seeing immediate results and can have a variety of other beneficial capabilities to boot. Boosting energy levels through the use of diet pills also helps you keep up your normal fitness routine.  Energy enhancing supplements allow you to go hard without feeling burnt out at the end of a gruelling workout. Because a reduced calorie diet combined with high intensity workouts can sometimes leave you feeling drained, energy enhancers help you keep up with the demands of your routine.  Diet pills are therefore useful for those seeking to boost weight loss results while also following a healthy diet and exercise plan. Subcutaneous or stubborn fat cells have been shown to be capable of breaking up and being eliminated through the use of certain supplements.  Many diet pills can therefore be great additions to your regular routine, especially when stored fat is a problem. There are many diet pills designed specifically for those seeking to melt away fat without losing lean muscle mass.  These diet pills will help target fat cells without decreasing lean muscle mass. Whatever your particular problem or concern, diet pills can be useful in dramatically improving weight loss and fitness results.
It hurt my insides so bad I have had two kids and I will take labor over this pain I had from these BAD pills any day!!!!!

So yesterday I bought jillian michaels cleanse and burn, and today I just happen to google it, and I read this. Its supposed to make you want to run around and be active to help with weight loss and control. This site is for informational purposes and the information is from our own point of view and not from medical professionals. The company who manufactured them was pretty idiotic too, to include anything with so much as one published finding of danger to certain individuals, even if those individuals comprise 0.01% of the population.
They had a lot of money riding on this and should have stuck to including worthless but harmless plants.

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