Instant Knockout is actually a new fat burning supplement I just came across, and got great results. Capsiplex is a once a day formula which helps to not only suppress appetitie, but also help to burn stubborn belly fat.
One of the most sought after types of supplement on the market, diet pills have become so common place that you’re able to find them just about anywhere. The “strict” regulations on diet pills within the United States are anything but when compared with other countries. In fact, the United States is one of the most accepting countries when it comes to the ingredients found in supplements. With that said, the ease of attaining promises of quick weight loss have never been easier.
I personally took a visit to a number of popular stores, including GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Wagreens, CVS, and many others, to seek out these readily available diet pills.
Here is my list of the most common diet pills that you’ll find in your local mega store and pharmacy. As always, take these reviews with a grain of salt and remember that any diet pill needs to be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program.
Everyone knows about GNC, it is the most popular supplement store in the States and across the globe. I stopped in to both to see what they had to offer and these were the hot buys recommended by staff and customers alike. You’ll find the Cellucor brand plastered across several categories of supplements in GNC including pre-workouts, post workouts, multivitamins, whey protein, and, of course, weight loss. TeaCor Tetramethyluric Acid, or Theacrine, is a rarely used (soon to become huge) ingredient that may not have a direct impact on your body fat levels but it has been shown to boost your cognitive function, performance and mood.
A counterpart to caffeine , Theacrine will certainly be beneficial in supporting your ambitions to get up and get going to the gym, for a walk, or whatever physical activity you decide to do. Super HD Xtreme contains caffeine, which, as demonstrated above, is a known body fat burner.
It also has Capsimax (Capsicum) and Rauwolfia vomitoria root bark extract on its list of ingredients. Capsicum has been shown in studies to provide a high level of fat oxidation while Rauwolfia vomitoria directly enhances weight loss and cholesterol levels.
The negative reviews seem to have one thing in common: the intolerance to the thermogenic formula.
Despite having a terrific line up of ingredients, considering the price point for a one-month supply, I don’t know if I would recommend Super HD Xtreme by Cellucor.
GNC and Vitamin Shoppe sell the product for $100 while Gold Card members can snag it for $80. If you can find this product for $70 or less (or if you have the money to blow), then I’d say go for it.Otherwise, you can find other terrific weight loss supplements in store for half the price.
Meratrim Platinum+ by BioGenetic Laboratories is one of the best weight loss pills at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.
It is marketed towards women as a weight loss supplement (hence the cheerful woman in the advertising).
If you’re a guy and your ego will allow it, you can still take Meratrim Platinum as none of the ingredients are sex hormone specific. In other words, you won’t have to worry about your testosterone levels if you take this supplement.
Its two primary ingredients, Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana, both have scientific backing as you’ll find in this article published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The jury is still out on L-Carnitine for weight loss although it is found within many pre, intra, and post workout supplements because of its suggested muscle building benefits.
Green tea has been hailed as an all-around health aid and studies have demonstrated its effectiveness for weight management.
Browse through the review section of the major distributors of the product and you’ll see a very mixed set of reviews. Some customers are claiming that they saw good results when pairing it with proper diet and exercise. Of the reviews I have seen, the average weight loss cited has been between 5 and 15 pounds.
Based on the ingredient list, I would recommend Meratrim Platinum+ by BioGenetic Laboratories.
Depending on whether or not it’s on sale, you can pick up Meratrim Platinum+ at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe for $30 to $35. Make no mistake about it, SX-7 Black Onyx by Hydroxycut may seem like it’s all talk with the name and flashy label but it has the ingredient list to back it up. Like many of the best supplements, it has gone through various formula changes based on the irresponsible usage of customers and FDA legislation. Still, considering what the company has been through, they still manage to put out terrific, yet pricey, supplements for weight loss. Salvia miltiorrhiza: This herb may have a long-standing history of ancient medicinal use but the studies to back it up just aren’t there. This amino acid has been used in numerous cognitive research studies but there are no studies to support it as a weight loss supplement.
With that said, SX-7 Black Onyx also contains coleus forskolin, caffeine anhydrous, yohimbe bark extract, and green coffee bean extract. All of these ingredients have been shown in a variety of studies to trigger a higher level of fat loss and support weight management. Many guys take the product specifically for the added mental intensity in the gym, which, in turn, has helped them gain muscle mass. BSN is another king of the supplement industry.I remember its early days when NO Xplode first hit the gym scene (check out my review of that one here).
Since then, BSN has come a long way and become an industry giant, offering every type of supplement for your fitness needs including Clean Fat Burner.
As far as ingredients go, BSN Clean Fat Burner has a great line-up including Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Cissus Quadrangularis Extractm, and Yerba Mate Extract. These ingredients, in particular, have all demonstrated a number of benefits related to weight loss including increased levels of fat burning and heightened energy and focus. It has a formula that supports metabolic boosting, appetite suppression, and energy enhancement.
The general consensus that you’ll find scattered across the Internet is that Clean Fat Burner is an effective way to support weight loss and muscle building.
Some of the most positive comments that I came across had to do with people losing up to 20 pounds in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. Other people used it as an alternative to coffee and found themselves to be extremely productive throughout the day.
The negative reviews that I found all had to do with the fact that this is a thermogenic blend.
Other customers with a caffeine intolerance found that they could not handle the thermogenic formula, of which caffeine is the main ingredient. Case in point: It works but you may want to look elsewhereif you are sensitive to thermogenics like caffeine and green coffee extract.
Given the formula and reviews, I’d say that BSN Clean Fat Burner may be a great asset to your weight loss journey. My only problem with the supplement is the price point that you’ll find at the GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores. It runs $60 before taxes for a one-month supply.Considering the other supplements on our list, I think this is a bit expensive.
If you enjoy BSN products, check out my reviews for NO Xplode, EvoTest, Amino X, and Hyper FX.
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a brand that is becoming increasingly popular around the thermogenic supplement scene. Their product Fastin is often on the store shelves at your local GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, and it is a common diet pill that has a decent line up of ingredients. If you’re looking for the heavy hitters of weight loss research, nothing hits harder than Yohimbe and Theobromine. Yohimbe has been shown to be extremely effective at promoting body fat reduction while improving body composition. Theobromine has been shown in studies to trigger a high level of fat oxidation while increasing your energy levels.
First and foremost, if you have a sensitivity to any type of thermogenic, this is not for you. I personally have a sensitivity to Yohimbe, so my first week on the product was up and down. If you can adjust or if thermogenics are no big deal to you, then you may be very happy with what Fastin can provide. I didn’t need to lose much so I was pretty happy with the result, although I’ve lost more on other products.
The price point is a bit high for a one-month supply as you’re looking at $50 for a supplement with a very high thermogenic profile.If you can find it on sale and you have a good history with thermogenics, then I would say buy it.
From groceries to televisions, this mega chain offers customers everything they could ever want. It may be surprising to learn that the store provides more than just a box of protein bars. This Utah-based company offers several supplement solutions to fat burning with the most popular being Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner.
Zantrex-3 has some noteworthy ingredients that all have scientific research and studies to back up their effectiveness including Kola Nut Extract, Yerba mate, Green Tea extract, Caffeine, and Panax Ginseng . Kola Nut Extract is rarely seen on product labels but considering the research, that may soon be changing.
Panax Gingseng, an ancient overall health remedy, has been shown in several studies to support weight loss as well as healthy gut bacteria.
Consider this: These reviews are mostly from peoplethat already had a known intolerance to caffeine. In fact, in the reviews that I read on other sites, the authors all admitted they had a caffeine intolerance YET they still took the product.
It no longer has the ephedrine in it that it once did (which may be a good or bad thing, depending on who you’re asking), yet it still knocks a powerful punch for your weight loss.
All of the positive reviews that you’ll find on the product talk about a high amount of energy, increased productivity, decreased body fat, and enhanced muscle mass. Like most supplement companies, Zantrex has hit some bumps in the road with their original formula. Even after changing up their ingredients, Zantrex still offers an impressive product at a reasonable price.
If you’re looking for a way to support your weight loss journey in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program, then I would recommend Zantrex-3. Walmart sells Zantrex 3 for around $40, depending on what region of the country you live in.To check out my full review on Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner, click here!

The Twinlab company has been around for a long time and like larger companies such as BSN, it offers a product for every fitness goal. The main ingredients in Ripped Fuel Extreme are Caffeine, Green Tea leaf extract, Cayenne fruit extract and L-Carnitine. While the first three of these ingredients all have studies supporting their ability to promote a healthy weight loss, L-Carnitine does not. With that said, L-Carnitine is a very popular ingredient to support muscle building and you’ll find it in many pre-workout and post-workout recovery products; however, the Ripped Fuel brand does not even come close with an efficient dosage.
The positive features of Ripped Fuel Extreme include higher energy levels and water weight loss. Speaking of caffeine, it seems to be the only ingredient in this product that is dosed at its effective level.
Considering the price point for the product, which is $14 at Walmart, I wouldn’t recommendTwinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme.You can purchase a huge supply of straight caffeine tablets for much less elsewhere. If you don’t feel like trucking to your local GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or Walmart, you can always find a wide variety of diet pills in local stores like Walgreens, Rite Aide, and CVS.
Nutrex has made its way into many households across the nation since the company first started in 2002. The supplement company’s focus and popularity stems from its unique line of diet pills that are readily available in your local Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS.
Lipo 6 Black Concentrate is arguably the most popular weight loss supplement from Nutrex, but the reviews seem to be a bit mixed.
Although Nutrex keeps their scientifically proven ingredient list simple with Caffeine, Theobromine, Synephrine, Yohimbine, and Rauwolscine, they do so in the form of a proprietary blend. Caffeine is at the top of the ingredient list, meaning it makes up most of that 294.5 mg blend. With that said, like many of the products on this list, if you can’t handle caffeine then you may want to look elsewhere for a diet pill.
All of this in mind, I believe that the claims made in many of the reviews may be exaggerated as the proprietary blend doesn’t allow you to see the full dosage for each ingredient.
Since you can’t see how much of each ingredient is in the formula, it’s completely possible that caffeine could make up 98% of the blend, for example, with the remaining 2% being a minuscule amount of the other tried, true, and highly effective fat burners. Without complete disclosure, the customer doesn’t know what they are getting themselves into. From the proprietary blend to the discovered fake paid reviews (which I explain in my full review), I’m not sure if I’d recommend this. If you can find it on sale at Walgreens, Rite Aide, or CVS, then it may be worth giving it a try. As far as the Simply brand goes, there isn’t much to tell because there isn’t much information. When the supplement boom for Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean began, thanks largely in part to the Dr. It’s important to distinguish the science behind the ingredient and the reputation of the company, which I explain in great detail in my full review of this supplement.
In animal studies involving Garcinia Cambogia, obese rats did show a high level of fat oxidation and total body fat reduction. Despite several studies, no human subject has demonstrated a marked improvement in weight loss due to the use of Garcinia Cambogia. Green Coffee Bean, on the other hand, has the scientific studies to back up its claims for supporting a healthy weight loss. Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean in reducing overall body fat and triggering a total body weight loss. It’s a task to find legitimate reviews on the Simply brand supplements because they are more well known for their free trial scam. Due to the lack of reviews on the internet and the company’s shady reputation, I would recommend trying a different in-store brand of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean. Check out my full review on Simply Garcinia and Simply Green Coffee Bean, It’ll help save you a lot of time, energy, and money! Now, for the first time, an over the counter supplement for weight loss has the FDA’s approval (which was actually later recalled due to possible tampering). Naturally, Alli flew off the shelves as the company claimed it could block about 25% of ingested fat from being absorbing.
As you may have expected, the general consensus is that Alli IS all that it’s cracked up to be. One thing I did notice among the positive reviews was that many people intentionally limited their fat intake as they claimed it helped them lose more weight. More importantly, it helped them avoid the infamous side effects, which I talk about below. Of the negative reviews, the most common claim is that the Alli of today is not the same Alli of 2000. Other people complained about the dreadful side effects that made national news shortly after Alli’s release.
The looming threat of going to the bathroom in your pants while you stroll about your day is serious business and has driven many users away from the product. You can find Alli for sale over the counter, without a prescription, at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aide all for the low-low price of $70.
While buying online can be the cheapest way to go, sometimes you want to be able to run out to your local store, hold the supplement bottle, and talk to someone about your purchase.Of all the options listed above, based on user feedback I believe the best products to pick up are SX-7 Black Onyx by Hydroxycut, Zantrex-3 High-Energy Fat Burner, and Alli Weight Loss Aid. Instant Knockout is a revolutionary formula thats designed to not only boost energy levels, but also help to burn body fat.
This supplement can easily help to not only rid your body of that excess fat, but also boost your metabolism. We tested a one month supply to determine it’s effectiveness, and the results shocked us. Rob currently resides in the south beach section of Miami, with his girlfriend of 2 years, and his German shepherd "Max". I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but I'll put it on the list and let you know when I get a review posted to the website. Top Fat BurnerInstant Knockout uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that not only help to increase energy, but also help to burn fat quickly. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from some of the companies whose products we review. LIPO-6 by Nutrex is a powerful and extremely popular fat-burner that utilizes maximum strength liquid capsules for superior absorption and rapid results. The highly advanced liquid capsule formula of LIPO-6 causes a strong overall fat-burning effect in men. You can order our products with the 4 major Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card). We take great pride in the superior quality of our products and want you to be pleased with your purchase. Words can not express the exhilaration I feel after finally getting rid of all the extra padding that I carried with me for years. Being a financial mortgage broker I am used to working long hours and putting up with a hectic schedule. At first I didn't believe it when a friend of mine, who is a personal trainer, told me that LIPO-6 can help you to get rid of stomach and waistline fat. My friend who knows a lot about supplements told me that the ingredients in LIPO-6 cause a strong overall fat-burning effect.
My name is Joy Randolph and I am writing because Lipo 6 has been great in helping me lose weight.
Over the past year i have lost over 140 lbs and without the combination of your Lipo-6, proper diet, and exercise I know it wouldnt have been possible.
I just wanted to let you know I have been using Lipo-6 along with proper diet and exercise for 1 yr now, it is awsome. Lipo 6 is great, I take and don't have to worry about jitters or lack of sleep, I've literally taken my afternoon dosage one day and took a nap, amazing. Before Lipo-6 I was 158 pounds, with the help and support of Lipo-6 I am currently 126 pounds! Just would like to let you know that over last summer (approx 10-12 weeks) with diet and exercise and implementing the use of your Lipo-6, I am proud to say that I lost close to 50lbs of fat. If you take two capsules per day, it’s a supply for a little over a month.Gold card members can pick it up for $50.
With the recent opening of their newest headquarters in Florida, Nutrex is pushing more product than ever before. Oz show (which put him under some criticism), many new brands began to pop up to get their share of the customers. Users claim the formula has changed, preventing the weight loss they experienced years before. If you are feeling brave and believe you have the ability to limit fat intake so that you limit your social embarrassment, then I’d definitely recommend Alli to help with your weight loss. This highly advanced method of delivering fast-acting fat-burning compounds makes LIPO-6 a great choice when it comes to weight-loss products. When men begin to lose body fat they rapidly notice enhanced muscle definition and a leaner midsection. Besides igniting a strong thermogenic effect that leads to a rapid loss of overall body fat, LIPO-6 also assists in controlling your appetite.
International Orders are shipped via FedEx and take 7 to 21 days depending on customs clearance. She mentioned that Lipo-6 is the single best product to control appetite and eliminate sugar cravings. So I decided to work out, eat a well planned out diet plan and then I added Lipo-6 in my supplements to help me get that edge I needed.
I have been working out for a while now, and kicked in high grear after losing 53 lbs , but seemed to lack the ability to lose access body fat. I began to use your product, Lipo-6 and I fell in love with what had happened to me as a result. I started using it on the first of this month (July) and today (the 27th) I have lost 22 pounds. 10 weeks ago i was obese, and then when i decided to get in shape, i also decided to use Lipo 6. On January 17, 2006, I visited my doctor for a routine checkup and I had to step on those dreadful scales. It has helped me keep my blood pressure lowered and it also helped me loose some body fat as well. LIPO-6 Liquid Capsules will help you to achieve rapid fat-burning results so you can have the body you always wanted. With a reduction in body fat love handles and lower back fat deposits begin to disappear as well. During a diet LIPO-6 gives women the extra energy they need to stay highly active and productive.

You may return any unused and unopened item purchased from us for any reason within Ninety (90) days of your purchase. It initially worked to a certain point, but I was not seeing the results I was really looking for.
I was skipping meals only to finding myself snacking on junk food whenever I had a free moment. I lost a total of 43 lbs with LIPO-6 and what is most important to me, the weight came off everywhere around my waist. I had a goal of competing in a figure competition this year and knew that everything had to be on point from my diet to traininig to taking quality supplements.
After taking Lipo-6 and following a training program that included cardio, weight training, and eating small 6 meals a day, I've managed to shed 22 lbs of fat. When I began to exercise and commit myself to losing weight in February, I started at 347lbs.
When I combined Lipo 6 with diet and exercise i was able to lose 55 pounds in only 10 weeks this summer. In combination with my workout routine, contest diet and Lipo-6, I came in top form for my local contest. I began my journey towards the stage April 14th and in a mere 10 weeks I have COMPLETELY CHANGED!!
When I started my diet, I was 325lbs which when I weighted myself and found that out I felt sick. I must admit that I have really dedicated my workout program, diet, and supplementation this time around and have had dramatic results in just about 6-7 weeks so far with your product. I put on about 12lbs of muscle in this time as well, while increasing my bench by about 90lbs, netting a loss of about 38lbs.
I've gone from over 350lbs to under 215lbs and just bought a pair of 36 waist jeans for the first time since 1976 and am thrilled.
We've analyzed 100+ top diet pills and recommended the 10 best, plus they come with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
It's no wonder that LIPO-6 was awarded the title of Fat-Loss Product of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
Men will find in LIPO-6 a reliable ally in their quest of getting a lean and muscular body. So, when I noticed the advertisement for LIPO-6 in a fitness magazine, I thought why not try this and see how it works.
Now I can see my abs again and for the first time in years my love handles have disappeared. With my new confidence and energy I worked out four times per week and took two servings of Lipo-6 daily. I've been taking Lipo 6 from the beginning and it is amazing how much energy I have - but not too much to the point where it interferes with sleep.
I would always buy fitness magazines and try to get myself to get into shape, and in one of the magazines I saw an ad for Lipo-6. I used a carbohydrate cycling program - 2 days of moderate carbs and moderate protein followed by two days of low carbs and high protein. When I started using this product I weighed in at 300 pounds and today I weighed in at 278. At the beginning of this summer i weighed about 265, now just 12 weeks later i weigh a very lean 205. I won the women's heavyweight, women's masters and the overall title as well as best poser. Before I started taking your product, I was weighing in at a whopping 277 pounds and 54% body fat! Thanks to your Lipo-6, a good multivitamin, and a diet that consisted of low fat, no sugar and light exercise, I lost 112lbs in a little over a year. For the first time in my life, I have the abdominal definition I always wanted but could NEVER achieve.
After watching a video of our Christmas party I was completely ashamed and embarrassed of what I had seen. I wish I had taken before photos to track and show my results; but didn't think Lipo-6 would work as fantastic as it has. Good job with the manufacturing of this product and many thanks to changing my life and health especially.
I wanted to share my story with you and hopefully have the opportunity to share with others to inspire them to set goals and stick to them.
Now, I still have a pretty good ways to go on my weight loss journey but Lipo-6 WILL be accompanying me the rest of the way.Your product has also helped increase my speed (and being on a varsity football team you need it). Having lost my mom, dad, brother, and sister due to health related problems at relatively young ages, I knew that it was time to make a change, not tomorrow or the next day, but today. You have a dedicated customer and I am very excited about my further transformation in leanness and definition using your product. I could have never gotten anything else that would have changed my life as much as Lipo-6 has. On Sept 13th 2005 I started dieting with my wife and eating a good balanced diet of healthy foods.
Lipo-6 helped me burn off the fat while giving me the energy to get through my workouts (especially on no carbs!)!!
I would love to try some more of your products so I can try to add on some muscle but I am also a college student so it may have to wait awhile. Thanks to the help of Lipo-6, I have the energy to knock out some great workout sessions and have a physique that people can't believe! I wanted to make a lifestyle change not just a diet for a couple of months just to fail as most fad diets do at some point or another. Thanks for changing me from the chubby kid I was in high school to the guy getting the looks from the ladies at the beach.
Where do I find the best Green Coffee Bean extract for weight loss Leptin Hormone Supplements: Do They Work for Obesity Will the new diet products help you shed pounds -- or just lighten your wallet?
I had tried other weight-loss formulas in the past but nothing gave me the results I experienced from taking LIPO-6. Taking Lipo-6 ,working out and watching what I eat has totally transformed me into a healthier and better person. I have attached a photo of what I looked like before at 347lbs and what I look like now at 245lbs. I would be more than happy to send pictures if you would like and I would also love to be a product tester if you ever need one! I used it in conjunction with a high protein and low carbohydrate, NO sugar diet and exercise 5 days a week. I did a lot of research that day to better understand what I needed to do and how I needed to do it.
I feel your product helped me a lot and I was definitely able to see results from using it. Since the transformation I have made it on the 2007 Houston Firefighters Calendar and been on Local TV shows and magazines. I developed a plan to eat 5-6 small meals a day and to put in at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week. I am noticing better muscle definition in my body and I am excited to continue the journey. I have attached some before and after pictures to show you what affects your product has had once again.
I had heard about your product from a friend and purchased my first bottle of Lipo 6 at that time. And that change has made me decide to push it to the brink and actually watch what I eat and get to the gym more often. I still took in 2000 calories on average and planned a cheat day once per week to allow myself to enjoy whatever foods I wanted. I went from an XXL shirt size to a small and from a 42 waist to a 30.I am starting to see my abs. You re 6 Steps Away From Your Best Pancakes Ever Workout Supplement Challenged After Death of Soldier Here s the scoop on the five newest weight-loss pills on the market. Since I was a regular reader of Musclemag, I decided to pay closer attention to the ads for fat-loss products. Now I HAVE done the high protein diet without using your product and the results were not even close. I am married also, and my wife as also been on Lipo 6 and has dropped 24 pounds in 2 months.
A good friend of mine tells me all the time that if Jared can sell Subway, then I should have no problem selling Lipo-6. I started taking the recommended dosage on January 18, 2006 and worked my way up to the maximum dosage after a few days. Your company and your products are amazing and I will tell the whole world about it anytime!
I wrote this letter to whom it my concern just to let you know what you are doing for people. To make a long story short, by combining your product with targeted training and sensible eating, I was able to lose 75 lbs. Oz Discusses Most Effective and Safe Fat Burning best weight loss pills at walgreens,best weight loss supplement from gnc,rapid weight loss due diabetes,best carbohydrates to eat for fat loss. I have kept the weight off for 2 years, and still use your product on workout days for energy and to assist with appetite control. Preparing my food each night, exercising regularly, and feeling great about myself are now nothing more than everyday life. I am now a certified trainer, and recommend your product to my clients wishing to lose body fat and increase muscle definition. I no longer have trouble walking up a flight of stairs, working in my garden, or running around with my 3-year-old daughter. My blood pressure has dropped to normal, my cholesterol is near perfect, and I truly feel wonderful each and every day. My goal is to reach 8% body fat so I have a little ways to go, but not near as far as I did in January. Because of you I now feel great, look great, and am more confident in myself than ever before!!

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