Raisin Chia Porridge 5 This entry was posted in Comfort Food Desserts Quick Meals Recipe Vegan Vegetarian What's For Breakfast? Print Raisin Chia Porridge Need something delicious, creamy, and simple for your early-morning meal? I actually started making this as a dessert, believe it or not. For some random reason, I was looking at deserts in one of the major food magazines today, and by some random stroke of inspiration, I realized that I really wanted to make some really creamy dessert recipe out of raisins.
Add just the right amounts of Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, and something to hold it all together (Cashew Flour and Chia, in this case) and you’ll have a really excellent cream base for nearly anything.
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My mind began to wander down the relatively aimless track that it goes when something delicious is driving my thoughts.
In short order, I had concocted up some deliciously intense creamy raisin-y thing in my mind. The writing was vivid and full of imagery, excellent story-telling, and certainly the kind of books that every parent should be reading to their children.
And if you want a cream base for a breakfast porridge, well, add the porridge flavors: Raisins. Fortunately, there are some Paleo-friendly ways to put together a cream dish, which can come out amazing if they’re used right! Optional: You can pre-soak chia seeds in the Coconut Milk in the refrigerator for several days for easy use.

In a soup pan combine the Coconut Milk, Cashew Flour, and Chia Seeds and warm over low heat (2 out of 10).
The flavor more suited a quiet sunny morning than the kind of creamy raisin explosion that I had been envisioning.

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