What you eat before a workout can help you burn more fat and power you through a sweat session. A pre-workout meal or snack should consist of low-glycemic carbohydrates, lean protein, and a little bit of heart-healthy fat. In addition to fueling your body before a sweat session, it’s also crucial to drink plenty of water. Here are four creative pre-workout snacks that help keep your metabolism humming and your body burning more fat throughout your sweat session. Blend 4 ounces of vanilla-flavored almond or rice milk, 4 ounces of ice cold water, one scoop of vanilla whey protein, a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder, and ice. Kristin McGee is a leading yoga and Pilates instructor and healthy lifestyle expert based in New York City.
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I know you’re doing an amazing job KILLING your workouts, but I also want to make sure you’re fueling your body with what it needs before and after you exercise. Eat a meal or snack that contains about 75% carbs and 25% protein before a strength training session. You want to eat low glycemic index carbs that are easy on your stomach because they are released more slowly into your body and will give you long lasting energy. Consuming a post-workout meal within 2 hours of your gym session will give your body what it needs to repair, grow and build strength for future performance.
After strength training, protein is needed to repair and grow lean muscle mass, while carbohydrates will replenish your body with energy and prevent muscle soreness. Generally, you want to eat a meal high in protein 2-3 hours before your workout (if you have time) and then eat a high carb snack 30 to 60 minutes right before your gym session. What about if you workout later in the evening, say around 8pm to 9pm and don’t finish your workout till 10pm… What would be the best thing to eat post work out!?
Can you please upload a pre-workout and post-workout vegan version or lacto-vegetarian version?it would help a lot!
You could for example have fruit with yogurt and oats or something like that for breakfast (or even a breakfast smoothie), and that would be your fruit for the day done! I work out before breakfast too for quite a time now, mostly cardio, because for me personally it increases my fat burn. So I follow the workout calendar religiously, and also try to eat as clean as I can and only allow myself a couple cheat meals in a week, but I still am not seeing any results, no matter what I do.
It might be because you have a slow metabolism even though you are doing the workout calendar.
I wish I wasn’t the pickiest eater in the world because I feel so limited when it comes to healthy breakfast foods.
I am confused, so today I am doing both cardio and strength so what should I eat should I have one of the strength meals and one of the cardio meals? Under the food baby video she talks about what to do if you do a strength and cardio workout.
The calcium, vitamins and minerals in chocolate milk helps to repair muscles and keep you feeling good! Be sure that you drink at least 16 to 24 ounces of water for every pound you lose during a workout – especially if your workout includes heavy cardio or a long run. Like regular potatoes, a sweet potato is loaded with potassium and electrolytes to help you recover quickly.
Omega-3’s, protein and amino acids – chicken contains all three of these wonderful nutrients which will help you to recover.
Not only can eating fresh fruit help to replace the water you lost during a workout, but fruit is loaded with good sugars and healthy carbohydrates to help you feel better.
Filled with carbohydrates to help your body recuperate, whole grain cereal is a great choice for a post-workout meal. Avocados, with their saturated fat content and high levels of vitamins K, C and E, will stabilize your blood pressure after a workout.

Egg whites in an omelette have great protein stores as well as essential amino acids, which are great for rebuilding tissue that may have been damaged.
Hummus will provide you with both carbohydrates and protein, while a whole wheat pita will give you the slow-release energy you need to carry on after a good workout! The electrolytes and potassium in potatoes will replenish your tired muscles, and get you going again!
Filled with protein, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins, a cup of quinoa is an excellent snack choice after a workout!
Brown rice is chock-full of complex carbohydrates, which will give you an energy spike after a marathon or heavy cardio workout. Ideally, it’s best to eat about one to two hours before you hit the gym, go for a run, or take a fitness class to give your body time to digest. Carbs are your body’s first form of energy and low glycemic index (GI) foods supply a steady stream of energy as opposed to that crash and burn you get from high-glycemic carbs such as sugar, cereal, and white bread. Add 1 tablespoon chocolate protein powder and top with half of a sliced banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Add 1 tablespoon chocolate or regular flavored Nuttzo (or any nut butter) and four thinly sliced strawberries. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and she serves as Health’s contributing fitness editor.
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The discount amount will display in your shopping cart and will be deducted from your registration fees. After that, it's only $69.95 for a full year of exclusive benefits and savings if you decide to continue your membership. Pre and post-workout nutrition is essential!  The purpose of eating before and after a workout is simple – to fuel, repair and replenish your body. Pre-workout meals will vary from person to person because some people take a longer time to digest certain foods. The carbs will give your body the energy needed to produce power, while the protein will not only keep you full longer, but also help your muscles repair and grow. This is because carbs turn into energy quicker and will help keep you fueled for your workout. Drinking pure water right after a workout will replenish your body from the water lost during sweat. For example, if you just did a moderate yoga class, you won’t need as many carbohydrates compared to someone who just finished a high-intensity interval session. Jane was very right in what she said, the key to being healthy is having a varied diet and moderation! When you do cardio on an empty stomach it has to take the energy from your stored fat, so if you wanna loose some of that fat like me that’s great!
I’m content with my size, I just want to be able to lean up and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!
I was in your shoes when eating clean and allowing myself a couple cheat meals in a week- always being disappointed when results were never changed.
I myself am always frustrated at the lack of quick results, but change to your lifestyle will slowly but surely get you the results you want.
I always heard you had to eat 30 minutes after a workout in order to get the best rewards but I guess it’s okay to wait a little longer. Try this shake: Mix half of a banana, one scoop of protein powder, hemp seeds and almond milk.
Sweet potatoes also contain beta-carotene and vitamin C to give you more of an energy boost. Caffeine boosts metabolism and has also been said to reduce muscle soreness after a workout by a whopping 50 percent!
They provide you with the protein you need, but don’t flood your system with too many carbohydrates.

We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries. If you’re short on time, a smaller snack 30 minutes beforehand is better than running on empty. By eating low GI carbs—such as oatmeal, whole grain bread, brown rice, and sweet potatoes—you’ll have more energy so you can work out longer and harder, which can help you burn more fat.
I love having a large glass of ice cold water plus green tea or coffee with my pre-workout snack.
Spread the cottage cheese mixture on the toast and broil in the oven for one to two minutes until cheese is bubbly and melted. If you decide during the trial period that you don't want to continue the membership, just let us know.
When logged in as an Advantage member, your discount will automatically apply at the end of registration. What you eat before and after exercise depends on the type of training you’re doing and its intensity. Stay away from too much fat pre-workout because fats take a longer time to digest and may be hard on your stomach.
Just like pre-workout meals, post-workout nutrition also depends on what type of training you did and its intensity.
Remember – fueling your body after a workout is essential to ensure you are not losing muscle mass, but instead maintaining and building it. The combination of strength and cardio is more intense, therefore you want to be sure you have enough energy to support the workout and then replenish your body adequately after. I have always been an early morning roll out of bed exerciser, whether running, body weight workout, or spinning, i drink a large glass of water and go. If you eat just fruit you’re missing out on loads of nutrition your body definitely needs!
Then I decided to drink green tea twice a day (morning and night) along with my usual schedule, and I lost weight fast since tea really helps boost your Metabolism! Protein helps build muscle and slows down the rate of digestion, which makes it a smart idea to add some protein to your meal or snack. Serve with a half cup of raspberries or blueberries, plus a chai latte or cappuccino made with fat-free milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Otherwise, at the end of your 30 day trial we will extend your member benefits for a full year at the current annual membership fee. You can add a portion of protein or fiber to deliver a steadier rate of energy and help prevent fatigue halfway through.
But, having one serving of fat will slow digestion, which will help maintain your energy level. Having a healthy carb choice such as fruit, veggies or whole grains will not only refuel your energy levels, but also replace electrolytes lost during your workout. I would say, just start over and eat proper meals that have all the energy you need instead of just fruit, good luck! And yes fruit is high in sugar, but don’t freak out and cut out fruit all together either. But I think it depends on your body, and I think you’ll figure out what’s best for you! These amazing post workout snacks will help you recover quickly so you can get back to the gym in no time at all! And heart healthy fats such as avocado, nut butters, and low-fat dairy add some flavor to your meal without weighing you down.
They contain caffeine and antioxidants, which cause thermogenesis, a fancy word for the production of body heat. If you're short on time, a smaller snack 30 minutes beforehand is better than running on empty.
Try eating fruit in the morning or early afternoon, that way your body has enough time to work through the sugar.

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