For those of you who follow my workouts on my Facebook page, you know that full body workouts are my favorite, and for good reason! To be clear, a full body workout means you are exercising your entire body with all muscle groups being stimulated in one workout, while a split routine separates muscle groups, or movement patterns into workouts on different days. Choosing the appropriate muscle-building workout program is important if you are to maximize the time you spend exercising and get clear body changing results.

Alternate Medicine, Benefits Of Foods, Health News, Tips & Tricks Treat Your Heart Right! Full body workouts can be performed over the course of just two or three days a week, they helpĀ prevent plateaus, especially when you're constantly manipulating your exercises and changing the moves you do. Now I am not saying that spit routines are not good, I find them very helpful when I want to take a day and target a specific body part or body section I find fault with, but to get the most out of a routine, Full Body workouts are the way to go for most.

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