If trying to lose weight, I recommend replacing one meal or part of one meal per day with this. If you find that the recipe is too bitter with no fruit, you can add a bit of a natural no calorie sweetener like stevia. Hi Sarah, I noticed you mention syns so am presuming you’re following Slimming World.
I think this is what I’ll get for my wife about a new Fat Burning Green Tea and Vegetable Smoothie! In the struggle with excess weight and melting fat, fruits and vegetables smoothie can help you. You need to drink at least two cups a day to make it easier the fight against excess weight and to get your desired shape. This drink will not only help you to get rid of toxins that contribute to increase your weight, but will satisfy the need for sweet. Strawberries are used in each diet because of their power to flush out the toxins from the body. Green tea increases metabolism and broccoli and cauliflower have enzymes that reportedly help the body more efficiently burn fat. The recipe is loosely based on the large cup size, but if you make it in the small, it will be fruitier and in the large more tea-like.

Ideally if using it as a meal replacement, you would want to add some protein, so perhaps have something with it for that. If you do so, I suggest increasing the broccoli a bit or perhaps adding a more mellow vegetable such as cucumber or tomato. Some people find that they need something to counteract the bitterness in all veggie smoothies. The only difference you will notice with that is that the smoothie might have a thicker texture. They supply your body with vitamins, gives you energy, and will easily become part of your diet. The recipe is very simple: in a blender mix it, ? cup chopped tomatoes, ? cup cranberry and one teaspoon of honey.
I would not recommend using a sweetened type, as that pretty much defeats the purpose and I do not recommend adding sugar to smoothies. I often add honey to mine, but a lot of diet plans will say no to honey since it is a sugar.
It isn’t too many syns though if my memory serves correctly and you could choose not to syn it but if your weight loss slows down start syncing it as it could be the cause. Mix 4 pineapple slices with half a grapefruit chopped into small pieces, 1 teaspoon honey and ice if you want.

You must drink this smoothie while you are having breakfast, and this drink will provide you with the necessary energy for the whole day, and to speed up your metabolism. You can brew it to your desired strength and refrigerate it, or buy premade from the store. If you use frozen and don’t want the frozen texture, thaw the veggies first, or blend longer (or twice) as blending warms the ingredients over time.
This mixture will be a tasty addition to your breakfast, and true refreshment at any time of the day. I would maybe also avoid honey with this one too if dieting (although I like honey in smoothies). If you use canned, you can also replace some of the liquid with the juice from the can if you like. If you like an icy smoothie (I do) you could even freeze the tea in ice cube trays, but then you will need to add some as liquid as well.

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