One of the TWO newest additions to the Treadmill Trainer interval running workouts, FBI 2 is specifically designed to help your body use MORE fat as fuel during your workouts. As such, it has been specially designed with interval training protocols that have been shown to reduce abdominal and whole body fat in numerous research studies including those published in the Journal of Obesity (2011), American Journal of Physiology (2007), and the journal Metabolism (1994).
At the same time, I've used these very same interval training protocols in my own workouts as well as those used by many of the athletes I work with. Nonetheless, this workout is suitable for ANY FITNESS LEVEL but does require a degree of will and motivation to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Not only can enjoy this interval running workout OUTDOORS, you can also do it on ANY CARDIO MACHINE (other than the treadmill. Since we're using shorter intervals and because the treadmill takes too long to change speeds, it's best to do this outdoors, if running, or on another cardio machine, if in the gym. Another great fat burning interval workout, FBI 3 is a little different from both FBI 2 (and FBI 1 - the original).

The main difference is that FBI 3 is based around intervals that are slighly longer in duration, yet strategically interjected with a quick burst of short sprints. And as with FBI 2 (and FBI 1) you'll be able to enjoy this interval workout while running outdoors OR on any cardio machine of your choice (other than the slow-to-respond treadmill).
I love the quick intervals of 10 and 20 seconds, During this time I found myself really and though the short recovery (if 10 or 20 seconds can be called such!) is not always enough I have tried to push myself in decreasing my speed rather than walking! The feeling at the end of FBI workouts is of true satisfaction for having pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The very short, but intense, work intervals and limited recovery, keep this workout moving at a fast pace - making it impossible for boredom to set in; and though it's very challenging, knowing that the work bouts are so short, it becomes easier to push through to see the workout through to the very end.
The relentless high intensity intervals and short recoveries are very taxing - making this a uniquely challenging run for just about any fitness level (since the work intervals are based on an individual's maximum speed and not a predefined, specific number). I have to say the FBI workouts are some of the most challenging of the Treadmill Trainer workouts I've done.

This demanding 10-minute section features the famous 12-second : 24-second interval structure that would make even Navy Seals weak at the knees. This interval section was also inspired by a riveting 2008 study in the European Journal of Endocrinology in which overweight, unfit individuals realized a 44% reduction in belly fat using this exact interval protocol! I haven't produced any lactic acid so hopefully my fat storage as being used as a source of energy!
To date I've not yet managed to get through the complete workout, but nevertheless I felt very pleased (not to mention energised) after completing the sections that I could manage. The goal of this interval "interlude" section is to spike your body's fat burning metabolic enzymes and to stimulate a greater release of adrenaline and growth hormone, both of which further breakdown your fat stores for your fuel!

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