The Zombie Hunter Workout - This fat burning workout is one you can easily take outdoors and have some fun with. Cali Hustle Workout - The fat burning Cali Hustle Workout is a favorite of mine when I'm limited on fitness equipment. Release the Beast - Developing and enhancing your natural strength will plays a vital role in other aspects of fitness, especially long term fat loss or fat burning. The Good Fella Workout - Keeping with the theme of workouts that can be done outdoors, I developed the Good Fella Workout with that in mind, plus a fun, yet challenging jump squat aspect.

The Scarface Workout -  Over a year after shooting the video with Sensei Joey, I went back to shoot a Fat X 101 style video with a simple punching bag. Ultimately, the stronger you can get, the more you will be able to maximize your metabolism.
Resistance Band Workout - This is one of my workout videos I shot when I was still rockin' the long hair. If your fat burning workout and or fitness plan is put together properly, you don't need a lot of isolation work, but there are times where isolation work can be helpful.

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