Determining your fat burning heart rate is essential if you want to maximize your fat burning efforts during exercise or training. One the most important tools these days to achieve a great physique and lose fat as fast as possible is a Heart Rate Monitor; it helps keep accountability in workouts and gives trackable data when following any diet and workout. If you are trying to burn fat and you are 30 years old, if your Heart Rate goes above 133 then you are possibly burning muscle instead of fat, if you keep it below the 133 at like 130 or so, you are burning the most amount of calories from fat and avoiding the muscle being used as fuel. Muscle and sugar are used when your Heart Rate goes above your fat burning zone, this is why I like everyone to wear a watch; the watch allows you to check by the second or minute what your heart rate is enabling you to control it. I have labeled each zone so you can easily recognize where you should be training based on what activity you are completing.
If you are going HARD CORE or following a workout called Hard Core at the gym — you would want your heart rate to go into the yellow zone many times during your workout and possibly pop into the green when you are hitting maximum effort or for example performing  a HIIT session. If you are already in great shape, you might want to keep your heart rate just above the black line and if you are a beginner, keep your heart rate just below the line.
Using the exercise zones graph and keeping these numbers in the back of your head will help your train SMARTER and really use your time in the gym to your advantage. I created this graph to give you an idea of where your heart rate should be while training specific muscle groups. I have trained for thousands of hours and I have coached others for even more helping me come up this graph; it is to be used as a reference for your talk with yourself about effort, accountability and your goal. While training anyone of the muscle groups above, your heart rate should at some point after you are warmed up hit far into the red in each set.

If you want a your legs to be tone and your butt to lose fat and your heart rate averages 105 during your leg workout; you are not trying.
You have to push beyond that pain threshold and uncomfortable heart rate reading by the heart rate monitor to earn what you are saying or believing you want.
If you want great arms and you are training biceps and your heart rate does not hit well above 115 on the heart rate monitor sometime during your set, you are not trying!!!! You will not grow your arms and you are wasting most of your time; unless of course this is just an excuse for time away from the family, if that is the case, go to another site. Standing bicep curls use a lot more muscles because you are standing; if you are seated, less muscle groups would be working.
If you need to get your hr into the zones and you are having a hard time, watch some videos and learn some tips. This graph was made to help members know if they are trying hard enough while training with resistance. Everyones heart rate drops at a different pace and because the rest times differ on the workouts, the red part of the graph is not intended to represent a zone you have to stay in, it is a zone you must hit as far into the red as you can, for as long as you can, while training a specific muscle group. The blue part of the graph is not important, you do not have to wait until your heart rate is back into the blue to start again; but if your heart rate does drop back into the blue after being very high in the red with a 30-25 second rest, you are getting into great shape. If you have any questions, email me or ask the question in TEAM DK, the closed facebook support group for heart rate monitored Kimmerleplan members only.
If you are trying to lose weight by burning fat, it is important to monitor your heart rate while exercising.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends an exercise intensity range of 55-69% of the maximal heart rate for beginners and 55%-90% for experienced exercisers. Mode: Continuous rhythmic, aerobic exercise- may include low level cardio respiratory activities and light muscular endurance exercise. Below is a chart you may use to determine your maximum heart rate in relationship to your age. Calculating your target heart is one of the methods used to show you the intensity you are working out at. How the heck do I know if I am really trying as hard as I can, how do I really know that this was a 1000 calorie run or workout, how do I really know if I gave it my all? The maximum heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) can be estimated by subtracting the age from 220. For example, a 20 year old college student has an estimated maximum heart rate of 200 (220-20). It is important to remember that whenever intensities are estimated, the duration of the exercise session and the initial fitness level must be considered.

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