The questions will be never ending and the pressure to strap on the feedbag is going to be insane.
These things are worth more to me than any number on a scale, size of dress, or sausage stuffing ever could be.
G,day Ginger I found out about this site in one of my aussie slimming and health mags I started coming here about 4yrs ago lost the weight and then my computor blue up so it was hard to get on line very often, then I had some famliy issues and piled the weight back on I came back to 3fc about 3wks ago the support and friendships you get and make along the way are inspiring. I?m calorie counting too, I?m just starting but the tips everybody has given me (and you) are great, planning and yumi substitutes! The very same people who exhaled loudly and rolled their eyes at the mention of my joining YET ANOTHER program will be the very same people trying to get me to eat deep fried mayonnaise coated in bacon grease! I can calm noise about food and just focus on the true nature of the holiday: giving thanks!

I look forward to shopping and finding something I like instead of something that is actually in my size! Seriously, a family-size Tombstone frozen pizza and a huge bag of cheddar Ruffles and I'm set for a Saturday night! What sort of healthy eating plan are you trying remember it isn,t a diet it is a lifestyle change shhhh if your body hears the word diet it goes into freak mode LOL.
My goal is 1,800 a day, which is still a lot, but much less than my usual 2,600 (I kept track for a week - that was my average).
So instead of focusing on the food that I can’t have I will focus on what I have and why I am so blessed. The true blessing of finding 3FatChicks is being able to see everyone’s journey and how closely it matches your own!

Thanksgiving is the kick off of every possible sweet, savory, and amazing food on Earth slathered in butter, dusted with sugar, and personally kissed by Paula Deen. I'm trying to go at least a couple times a week, mostly doing treadmill for 40 minutes each time. It’s where men, women, and children of all ages don their elastic waist pants, crack their knuckles and dive head first into gravy. I've packed on more than 25 pounds in the last couple years, and it's definitely noticeable on someone short.

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