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This low-cal, high-nutrient veggie should definitely make its way into your regular routine.
For a dessert option you'll actually feel good about (or simply a sweet snack), strawberries should be your go-to: they're bursting with nutrients despite their small size. When it comes to maintaining a strong metabolism, it's all about fiber—which is why artichokes are a smart pick, says Moskovitz. Guys: These are not just weeds you find in your garden—dandelion greens are actually packed with key nutrients, especially vitamins A and K.

We know you've been kale-obsessed for years, so just consider this note another reason to keep up the leafy-green habit.
This produce pick is similar to broccoli (but with smaller florets) and might even one-up kale (gasp!) in the metabolism-boosting department. Blood oranges, well-known for their super-charged amounts of vitamin C, can satisfy cravings for sweet and tangy this season.
By Jenna BirchSpring has officially sprung—just glance around the farmer's market for proof of the season's bounty—and a parade of fresh produce is soon to hit your plate.
With a name so-fitting, "these sweet crunchy veggies are a good way to fill up without filling out," Moskovitz says.

From fruit-packed breakfasts to veggie side dishes that outshine your mains, we're getting geared up to find creative and colorful ways to eat clean.But guess what?
For that reason, she says, adding some of these greens to your salad might be worth a shot.

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