Every day, countless Americans adopt diet and fitness routines centered on dropping unwanted weight. It may seem counter-intuitive, but frequent eating can ramp up your metabolism, causing it to burn more fat. Often, people try to lose weight rapidly to prepare for an important upcoming social event.
You put so much energy and dedication into building muscle; it would be a complete shame and waste if you lost it all just to drop some pounds. When you want to lose weight, the first thing most people want to do is start cutting calories and pump up the cardio so they can lose as much weight as possible a€“ as fast as possible. Another trick that may help a€“ but isna€™t necessarily proven a€“ is to cut carbs at night. You shouldna€™t be running on the treadmill for hours at a time a€“ thata€™s a sure fire way to lose all that muscle. If you pick up the tempo and intensity of your lifting, you can boost your bodya€™s ability to naturally burn fat.
Whatever you decide to do, the more you can maximize exercises that stress your muscles and also keep your heart rate up a€“ the more you will be able to burn fat while also building muscle; making for a tight lean body. To make sure your muscles have enough nutrition to remain intact, you need to eat a lot of high-protein foods.

On the other hand, when you go long periods without eating, your body is likely to store more fat and burn muscle instead. When we eat high-glycemic foods that digest quickly, our blood sugar goes up, which results in insulin spikes that cause our bodies to store fat.
In a race against the clock, they adopt crash diets, which cause their bodies to burn muscle and hoard fat. Likewise, you can make yourself look thinner by avoiding salt for two days before an event.
Like anything worthwhile, keeping that muscle and losing weight is no easy task and may not be possible for everyone. Thata€™s great if your only goal is to lose weight, but youa€™re also trying to hold onto muscle here.
This is not an effective way to lose weight for anyone a€“ and is especially ineffective if you want to keep your hard earned muscle.
The key is to diet properly and hit the weights with everything you got a€“ your heart and lungs should already be pumping enough to only require a small amount of cardio in your routine.
When we eat high-fiber, low-glycemic foods that take a long time to digest, our blood sugar remains steady. Try cutting down the time of rest in between each set a€“ this will keep the blood pumping and burn more fat.

HIIT is when you alternate low interval exercises with high intensity intervals and can be a valuable tool to get the right results. Losing weight without losing muscle is definitely challenging a€“ but hopefully some of these tips will work for you and make the challenge a little bit easier.
If you’d like to attain an attractive, healthy looking physique, learn how to burn fat without sacrificing muscle tone.
Not only does this promote the right kind of weight loss, it keeps us energized and helps us avoid so-called crashes. For women, this means wearing dark colored clothing that puts their torsos in balance with their waists and legs. According to professional photographer, Arnaud Brichet, who owns the Punta Cana wedding photography studio HDC Photo, this can be a big key in determining how others perceive you.
If you want to lose weight, your diet will most definitely have to change a€“ but make sure that youa€™re not sacrificing protein when you cut some of that food off the menu.

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