It’s hard to believe how far my weight loss journey has come since May when I started my first 8 Week Core Challenge. Looking at this before and after photo amazes me, and it’s rather telling of the journey as a whole. Starting and sticking with the journey can be surrounded by fear, but no matter where you are in your journey, there will always be fear.
I found personal success by following the 8-week Core Transformation program, which is a 3-phase process designed to decrease fat and improve energy levels. I want everyone I know to be successful in reaching their personal health and fitness goals. The major shift that has taken place in my life is not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

So if you’re interested in learning more about the plan I followed and products I used to achieve my results, let me know! And the best part is the only things bigger in your before and after picture is your smile.
I would love to hear about this 8 week journey- I would absolutely love to have your help and support. The journey has been filled with so many learnings and realizations, I don’t even know if it’s possible to list all of them! You have to do it for yourself, for your own personal health and wellness, and for no one other than you. It really is inspiring and motivating to see other (NORMAL!) people able to achieve these goals!

I'm passionate about empowering women and believe that every woman should have a great handbag or dress that makes her feel like a million bucks.
When you get to a point where you are happy with who you are, you can advance along the arduous journey to health and wellness success.

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