On the other hand, trying to catch shuteye when your stomach is making scary growling sounds isn't a smart idea, either. Sure, it's processed, but hear us out: One serving of this snack contains filling protein and fat, so you feel satiated—and it only packs about 80 calories. Put down the Count Chocula—all that sugar might leave you too wired to sleep (and also give you a stomach ache).
For about 100 to 150 calories, you get the relaxing powers of tryptophan from the dairy, as well as satisfying protein, says Brill. Turkey is loaded with sleep-inducing tryptophan (no wonder you're so sleepy after those massive holiday dinners, right?) and low-fat, high-quality protein, says Brill.
We're totally loving this one—the creamy chocolate pudding goes down easy, but it doesn't contain the fat that can sit in your belly like a rock all night.
Super-nutritious with lots of crunch, these little orange guys will fill you up long enough so you doze off, says Brill.
Not only are bananas loaded with satiating fiber and relaxing tryptophan (for only about 100 calories each), but they're the perfect late-night nosh if you've already cleaned up your kitchen.

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Your sleep quality will suffer, and you'll feel tired and famished in the morning—both of which can lead you to overdo it and mess up your healthy-eating plans. We're talking about the whole-grain, complex carb kind (think oatmeal or corn or bran flakes) that's easy to digest and gives you 200 calories or less per bowl, says Brill. MSN also adds that cheese contains the amino acid tryptophan, which may help make you drowsy.
Also, late-night noshing tends to be associated with stress eating, which leads to overindulging in high-fat comfort calories.
Here’s a list of some of the top bedtime snacks that will help you with your weight loss.

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