As you probably know, when I come across high-quality products that I really enjoy that I think will be a good fit for my audience, I am thrilled to be able to write up thorough reviews for you.  This way, it not only gives some love to these products’ deserving creators (and learn myself!), but also gives you more background to make sure that it’s a good fit for you if you opt to purchase it.
There are a lot of great fat loss programs out there, but none of them really do what FPFL does.
Examples would include doing a chest exercise followed by a back exercise, or alternating an upper body exercise with a lower body one, you allow the opposing muscle group to rest. Kettlebells are a great tool for metabolic resistance training, and it’s easy to see how they’re great for fat loss. Now, I won’t go so far as to say we should stop doing all other types of cardio in favor of metabolic resistance training—not by a long shot.
Speaking more specifically about metabolic resistance training, I’ll say that while MRT seems to be the most effective single option, I strongly believe that everything has benefit and you can enhance your results even further by doing a combination on of MRT, High Intensity  Intervals, and even a slow walk on the treadmill (as recovery after workout that taxes your lower body pretty heavily). If your goal includes six-pack abs, then your workouts are going to have to become metabolic at some point.

For about the past six years, I’ve built a hugely successful personal training company that works with a lot of athletes, actors, models, etc. By setting your workouts up like this, you can move faster, rest less frequently, and get a great total result. Another great way to start using MRT is with dumbbell or barbell complexes, which are exercises circuits using minimum space and equipment.
By exercising at a fast pace with minimal rest periods, you are increasing your metabolic rate which is the amount of calories you burn.
The best way to do metabolic resistance training is to use non-competing circuits—that is, set up a circuit of exercises during which you alternate opposing muscle groups. You can get a great MRT workout with so many different pieces of equipment and styles of working out.
With a complex, you transition smoothly from one exercise to another, never letting the barbell or dumbbells leave your hands.

Bianca Sultana, NCSF-CPT gave us a perfect example of a workout that would meet all those requirements.
The training team for HUMANFITPROJECT designed this high-octane, full-body metabolic workout to keep you shedding pounds when you leave the gym.
You can even do metabolic resistance training fat loss using just your bodyweight, as the circuit below shows.

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