So, I found myself listening to more Sedona method audio material in an attempt to stay positive and motivated while anticipating the manifestation of my goal. I was getting a bit frustrated with my attempts at getting new clients for my other business, so I decided to give myself a break in the form of an intense weight training session at my local gym. I set up the far infrared sauna dome, put on the neuroprogrammer 2 software and chose the “Accelerated growth and HGH release” brainwave session for 1 hour, and jumped in. I was gone in slumber for about 45 minutes, as my muscles were really sore, and I was tired. Then out of the blue, I heard this voice in my head ( it was mine, kinda like my higher self) which said: “Hey dude, just relax. Even holding on, or anticipating in the slightest bit can prevent your dreams or goals from manifesting. While there is some level of truth to the ‘you create your own reality’ belief, that reality is still dependent on a greater power, The Creative Power.
That’s why you need to get to the point of “hootlessness” according to Lester Levensen and Hale Dwoskin.

Back to my microscopic epiphany while getting saturated with far infrared rays: when I was done with my sauna session, it occurred to me that I could combine EFT tapping with the Sedona method. Now the reason I wrote this post is because after I tapped using the Sedona method questions as guides, I felt so much relief, and I’m actually now at a point where I don’t care whether I achieve my goals or not, particularly those I’ve been obsessed about. Bruler la graisse du ventre tenace – 5 Methodes de Comment eliminer la graisse du ventre!
Please note that part of the previous sentence “anticipating the manifestation of my goals”. My mind was processing emotional issues and problems I’ve been challenged with, both personal, and business.
The thing about letting go, and releasing your attachment to a goal after your visualization and manifestation exercises is that you can’t fool the universe about your degree of letting go of the results. Remember in the first paragraph I said that I would get back to that, which seems to be a serious block to manifestation of goals and dreams by so many intelligent people.
Because once you’re at that level, you aren’t attached to the outcome of you goal setting or manifestation exercises.

Identify whether that feeling stems up because of a wanting of either approval, control, security or separation. At each of the main tapping points, you say “ I now let go of wanting approval” followed by the next tapping point: “I release my wanting to control the situation” and so on. I urge anyone who doesn’t have a copy of the Sedona method new course get their hands on it, if not the hard copies, the digital downloads.
The routine would be a superset for chest and back, with 45 seconds of exercise, with a 15 second break for each exercise.
You might even begin to realize that the goals aren’t even your own once you reach a point where you can effortlessly manifest those goals or dreams.

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