Nuts, olive oil and sunflower the enigma as it most are good free weight loss tips in hindi indicators of a woman who is wholesome and.
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Sonakshi Sinha’s weight loss secret revealed.By Wellness MedimanageIn recent times, one of the most talked about weight loss transformations in Bollywood has been of Sonakshi Sinha.
Her trainer chalked out a plan which involved a variety of cardio, weight training and spinning exercise to keep her motivated. Though Sonakshi is a foodie by nature she built her will power to follow a high protein, low carb diet where she had to cut junk food completely, reduce her intake of carbohydrates and incorporate healthy fats. Since Sonakshi has a tendency to easily put on weight she is working hard to maintain her shape.
She enjoys playing outdoor sports and hence has incorporated lawn tennis to her daily schedule. Sonakshi Sinha firmly believes that losing weight is not only about seeing shrinking numbers on the weighing scale but it is an emotional journey where you need to be determined to sacrifice your favorite foods to achieve your goal.

This stunning lass, became a star after a grand entry in Dabangg where she was paired against superstar Salman Khan. From weighing 90 kg when she was student of fashion designing to a healthy 60 kg now she has a lost a whopping 30 kgs of weight. Ruling the hearts of numerous admirers, Sonakshi Sinha has got a sexy curvy body to be envious of.
Her first milestone of losing almost three to four kgs in one month boosted her confidence and interest to lose weight and build a svelte figure. Sonakshi has keen interest in working outdoors so she added a game of lawn tennis to her regime.

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