Not leaving the house famished works for me – I always have a fruit or light snack just before I head out.
Somehow never seem to remember to drink the milk beforehand, the penny drops 2 minutes before reaching the restaurant.
Aren’t you tired of NOT eating things you love so you can reach your weight loss goals? Instead, I find it helps (myself and my clients!) to focus attention on what I CAN do to look and feel good.
Thinking about healthy activities and foods actually makes me want to go in that direction, too.
When I get a little momentum, and a little positivity from upping my wellness game, I crave the feel good that comes from it.
A squeeze of lemon in your water, a half a grapefruit with breakfast or clementines with your snack offer a great dose of vitamin C and antioxidants.
Beets are a great addition to your healthy diet, thanks to betalin, a phytonutrient that lowers inflammation and benefits your ticker and detox efforts. If you’re a beet newbie, start with a few bites at a time and increase from there as the fiber may take a bit of getting used to.
Dates are a surefire go-to if you must have something sweet, healthy and supportive to your less of you look. They’re also loaded with fiber (there’s almost 2 grams per date) and they’re great for digestion and your heart.
Learn why your hard work isn’t paying off and how to re-channel your energy to lose the weight. Then stressed out cause I had yet another senior moment (forgetting) and end up eating nothing more than a celery stick.

Have a light snack, like a piece of high fiber fruit or something with protein in it (nuts or a glass of skim milk) an hour before your reservation. Dates can be eaten fresh, but most Western societies are most familiar with eating dried dates. However, for those of you on more flexible weight loss plans like Weight Watchers, dining out is easier but not without its risks. Make sure you’ve had a few glasses of water or a cup of tea (bring a to go cup in the car) before you leave, too.
Write down what you’re going to order and any questions you have for the wait person.
Like other dried fruit, dried dates have a low water content and a relatively high sugar content. Instead of the potato, can I get some steamed veggies?) When you arrive, tell the hostess that you don’t need a menu since you already know what you want to order. Also, when you make a reservation, your table is ready when you arrive (hopefully) so you don’t spend time drinking and snacking in the bar. In fact, dates contain a higher amount of polyphenols than most common fruits and vegetables consumed according to the USDA.
Dates tend to grow in harsh climates, and the polyphenols protect the fruit from damage.A serving of 5-6 dates provides about 120 calories, zero grams of fat, 1 gram of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 3 grams of fiber. Dates also contain a small amount of many different minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and potassium.
Researchers concluded that the date may be considered an almost ideal food because of the wide array of nutrients they provide.Fruits and vegetables for weight lossEating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is recommended for most people when going through weight loss.
Because of this, they provide a high satiety without a lot of energy and nourish your body with nutrients.A 2008 study concluded that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables may help avoid weight gain in over weight adults.

Researchers studied over 80 overweight adults who went through nutritional counseling for 6 months and found subjects who had a greater intake of fruits and vegetables was associated with greater weight loss.FiberA concern for some people with dates is the higher sugar content. However, dates also provide fiber which can impact the way the sugar is absorbed from the digestive system.
In fact, a 2008 study that included more than 89,000 people found that total fiber intake was inversely associated with weight gain and waist circumference change.Dates are considered a healthy food that provides many different nutrients and a source of fiber.Can it be part of a weight loss diet? Include a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables for maximum health benefit.Watch the portion sizeLike all dried fruit, dates are best eaten in moderation. If you consume a large amount in one sitting, that can be cause for a stomach cramp or other unpleasant digestive issues.Eating a large amount can also provide a fair amount of sugar, which may not be beneficial for some people trying to lose weight especially if they have been advised to follow a low sugar diet. The next time you get a sweet craving, eat a sweet, nutrient rich date instead of other sugary, processed foods!Dates can also be used in place of sugar in some sweet recipes. For example, dates can be added in pudding, sweet breads or other baked goods in place of other sweeteners.
Be sure to follow recipe advice though because using dates will alter texture and water content. Dates can also be used as a quick energy source by themselves after exercise.ConclusionDates are a rich source of fiber, antioxidants and provide a trace amount of many different minerals and amino acids. They can be part of a healthy weight loss diet, as research suggests a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fiber can be beneficial for weight loss.Pair dates with a healthy fat and protein source for a balanced snack or meal and to promote sustained blood sugar levels.

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