Later, Pratt, 35, sent ripples through Hollywood when he posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram last year, showing off a chiseled frame and six-pack abs with a caption that read: "Six months no beer. Marvel would pair Pratt with personal trainer Duffy Gaver and nutritionist Phil Goglia, author of Turn Up the Heat: Unlock the Fat Burning Power of Your Metabolism. Pratt's workouts included sessions of P90X , running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, and he even a triathlon. Admittedly, Pratt had started gaining weight purposely for his Parks and Recreation character, but now he's committed to remaining ripped: "It gave me a sense of absolute control," he said. DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL EDITION of Men's Fitness featuring video of Chris Pratt by clicking here.

Unfortunately for the fan, he suffers a total failure to launch, doesn’t even come close to the hoop and lands flat on his face, thankfully on a carefully positioned crash-mat. Experiencing similar difficulties to his team on Tuesday night, the unnamed fans’s failure to make more than three feet of air after using a trampoline has caused him to become an ironic hero. Some internet users have even gone as far as to discuss the aerodynamics behind the man’s abject attempts to make the dunk.
Pratt, who is most known for playing Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, was in the neighborhood of 300 pounds when he auditioned for the Marvel movie scheduled to release Aug. Goglia revamped Pratt's diet, hiking his caloric intake to 4,000 calories a day and adding lots and lots of water -- one once for every pound he weighed.

The actor, who has starred in hits like Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty, is keeping up with his newly chiseled frame, working with a trainer six days a week while preparing for another role in the revamped version of Jurassic Park.
Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly surely ringing out in his mind, the overweight man springs himself off the the trampoline, presumably looking forward to a slam-dunk and a moment of glory.

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