There are two main things that go into creating a fat loss meal plan for a woman as opposed to a man. If you have tracked my other meal plans for fat shredding, you will see what this plan even has some similar meals and recipes. If you need help with your meal planning here are the same Meal Plans Rena used to make the above chart. You even get access to the Curvalicious Calorie Calculator that gives the exact macronutrient breakdown needed for your weight and you will also receive the Curvalicious recipes. The combination of macronutrients at the last meal of the day depends on what time you have chosen to exercise on that day.
One of the easiest meals for me if I’m in a hurry is to combine cottage cheese, red onion, cucumber and avocado – sooooo creamy and delish!
I hope you continue with your goal to build more muscle and I really hope you can find a solution to your digestive issues – I know how debilitating they can be. Each issue I have had with my health has taught me more and more about what is good for my body and what works for me.
You can see from my plan above that I do eat carbs in the evening as that is when I work out. Maybe see if you can use the plan above as a guide and devise your own plan for the week and see how you go?
I have been doing my cardio in the morning and then doing my weights in the late afternoon, but then I’m not sure when to have my fats. Hi, I was wondering how to eat the morning meal of the nut butter 1 cup of greens and protein powder. Sometimes I just make the protein shake and smear the nut butter over some cucumber or celery sticks. Sorry I am asking so many questions, but i was just wondering if you put the cucumber and celery in the protein shake with protein powder and nut butter? Flavia recommends having carbs within an hour after your weight training no matter what time it is. I need help I am eating more than I ever have before and making healthier choices but every time I get on the scale my weight goes up.

What I haven’t done well up to this point, is to look at a fat loss meal plan for women! For men or women, I still believe and have seen over and over that you can get great results with the Fat Shredder ratios from P90X.
I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it.
Before today, this was ONLY offered to Curvalicious members but I will open it up for this week for those wanting to take out all the guess work and have EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN! I make sure to have my carbs in my protein shake right after my weight workouts by adding fruit, or have carbs in my meal after my workout. At the end of each week, I take my measurements and see how I went and see if I need to tweak my meal plan.
To make a long story short, I was having all sorts of digestive and internal issues and I found a really great naturopath who got me well. Everyone is different but I am sure you will find what works for you and then there will be no stopping you! The advice I’ve been given in the past, is to look at your carbohydrate intake and portion sizes if you are not seeing the fat loss.
But the rest of the day is scheduled to incorporate either carbs or fats at my other meals.
Try to make some omelettes with salsa, or cheese or even soup in the morning…nuts for sure and if you can stomach some meat that would be great also.
How about a nice piece of lean red meat, with an avocado, tomato and red onion salsa with a dash of balsamic vinegar on top?
I know it seems like a lot of work initially, but it can help identify areas which you may need to tweak with your diet if you want to shed body fat. If not, you should be getting around 12-14 times your weight in calories and if you aren’t counting veggies stick to 10-12 until you lose the weight you need.
Now we can always set a calorie goal that is very specific for you with my Calorie Calculator, but on a whole women tend to be shorter and have ideal or goal weights that are lower than a man.
That being said, you may need to set a slightly lower protein goal to make this more realistic.

We can easily add 100 calories if you are starting a little higher, or we can drop 100 calories if you are starting lower. How important is it that I eat before my workout, and what kind of a simple meal would you suggest?
On Saturday and Sunday the protein shakes are in the last column, I just haven’t put it in sequence. I’m not always spot-on with my times for eating each meal, but it gives me a guide to work to.
Even the doctors could not explain why I was having hot and cold sweats, my heart racing and the shakes – full body shakes that I could not control. So a woman that might be starting at 180 pounds will have a different end goal than a man at 180#. As always, if you are working out with a longer Beachbody program like P90X, Body Beast, Insanity, etc don’t go under 1200 calories! If you are feeling dizzy or faint, please add in a shake before you workout and you can always keep a shake or sugar drink (like powerade) close by in case you do feel faint.
I should also add that I do all my training in the evenings, with a protein shake directly after and normally only get around to having my last meal at around 9pm……should i be keeping this meal carb free?
Protein, even when you might be eating more than the bare minimum, is a great macro as it burns more calories to use protein than it does carbs or fats. If you are a guy on teamRIPPED using my 2400 plan, download this for your wife and you two can share a lot of meals! That 50# goal is very different than the man at 180 that may only want to get to 160 (or need to get there).

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