I have read that some find where their calories come from, particularly grains, more problematic than calories from other sources. To me, potatoes, rice, corn, wheat, and oatmeal are all in the grain category (starch) as far as how I put complete meals together. I usually see beans as a protein because I don't eat meat every night and beans are often substituted for meat.
If you're looking at glycemic index, potatoes come in fairly high, and so have a greater impact on your blood sugar.
It could be that I am still of the mind set habit that the plate doesn't look right without a protien, veggie, and starch. High-starch or high-sugar foods tend to trigger hunger, so I try to limit them and try not to eat them alone.
I have a little more luck controlling potatoes than grains, so I include potatoes more often than grains (but I still have to treat them as a problem food).

I happen to think of you as one of my favorite posters You are one of the ones I hoped to see respond to my question.
Grains, beans, tubers -- can all be starchy, so eat paired with a protein if it bothers you blood sugar.
The idea is that it's not just carbs per se that may cause problems, but grains themselves. I don't cook processed and this has lead naturally for me to veggies, lean protiens, fruit for desserts. Then I started wondering if people who have trouble with wheat, rice the obvious grains, also would have problems with potatoes? Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Your tenacity inspires me and has caused me not only to look more carefully into this topic but to also think about it in regards to my son who has Crohn's.

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