Green coffee bean extract was touted as a supplement supporting weight loss, but a study examining results of the extract on patients has been withdrawn by the authors. Doctor Oz is popular among millions of fans who enjoy his medical advice, but a paper on weight loss supporting claims of the physician has been retracted. The FTC charged that managers at Applied Food Sciences paid researchers in India to conduct a study into the effect of the extract on weight loss. Doctor Oz launched a campaign in May 2013, fighting against corporations using his name, stating he endorsed products without an official declaration of the same from the physician. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri grilled Doctor Oz on Capitol hill in June, demanding to know why he promotes claims which she claims he knows to be false.

Oz on his show and in interviews as a natural supplement capable of supporting weight loss. The flawed study, which purported to show that the product causes 'substantial weight and fat loss,' was later touted on The Dr. The lead investigator on the study altered the data, included measured weights and length of research, according to federal officials. The federal agency claimed the corporation knowingly used the results of a faulty study to promote their product. Managers of Applied Food Sciences agreed to pay a fine of $3.5 million for their actions while selling the extract.

More importantly, it could be dangerous to your health," Doctor Oz reads at the end of each episode.

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