The distinctive taste and texture of McCAIN Sweet Potato Fries has made them a surefire hit with consumers across both the retail and foodservice markets. The recent announcement that McCAIN Sweet Potato Superfries have won the coveted Product of the Year Award (Frozen Savoury Foods Category) further underlines their ongoing consumer popularity.
McCAIN Sweet Potato Superfries are the retail twin of McCAIN Sweet Potato 10mm Straight Cut Fries which have proven very successful in foodservice. McCAIN Sweet Potato 10mm Straight Cut Fries are the first premium, A Grade sweet potato fry product available to the Australian foodservice market, and were introduced following the strong performance of McCAIN Sweet Potato Superfries in retail.
Sweet potato is one of the world’s most nutritious vegetables, with a unique texture and flavour. Cholesterol free and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, McCAIN Sweet Potato Fries feature an appealing orange colour for attractive presentation and easy identification.

Thanks to My McCain Fries Advantage, you can accumulate points from each carton to redeem for great rewards! The extensive range of products for which you can redeem points includes electrical items, sporting goods, food and wine, accommodation, phones, plasma screen TVs, cameras, movie vouchers, family items, toddler’s toys, kitchen utensils and much more.
Products shortlisted for the award – which is held internationally across 30 countries and is currently Australia’s largest consumer survey of new products – were evaluated by a representative sample of 7000 Australian consumers, after being judged by a panel of industry experts including consumer researchers.
Those used to make McCAIN Sweet Potato Fries are naturally ripened after harvest for a fuller, sweeter taste. Their distinctive flavour and look and versatile application makes them ideal for serving as a takeaway treat, snack, side-serve or main meal component with or without dipping sauce.
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