In Part 1, I talked through those all-important points for building strength and muscle mass, including time under tension, tempo, exercise selection and building a strong base.
Research has proven that the sweet spot for building muscle size is between 8-12 rep ranges. I personally like 6-12 reps which, as we talked about in part 1, is about 60-85% of your 1 rep max. Most people go into a set with a rep range in mind which is a good thing, but most of the time that weight is too light and the lifter stops at the designated rep range. If you are in the middle of a set and realize it is too light, that’s when you can throw in a little tempo training. Michael is a strength coach who specializes in functional strength, fat loss and athletic performance. He has a degree in Kinesiology, is CSCS certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Certified K-12 P.E and Health in Missouri. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Michael moved to St Louis in 2002 to play soccer and now co-owns his own functional training facility called Defining Natural Ability (DNA).

He believes when it comes to a healthy lifestyle it is a mind, body and spirit commitment to become the best version of yourself.
A standard 3 day workout routine that focuses on compound exercises, calisthenics and split routine.
A 3 day standard muscle building workout routine that requires 3 days per week involving use of free weights and calisthenics. This program also utilizes compound exercises such as bench press, squats, lunges, etc to build up strength and endurance.
You may print this routine for personal use by clicking the ‘print’ button below! Pause at bottom for four seconds or slow down your eccentric or lowering portion of the movement to increase the time under tension and give yourself a better chance of getting those gains. This varies from coach to coach, but for the purpose of this program this is what the number means.

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It does not overly exert your body and allows your body to adapt to moderate levels of stresses before attempting a more advanced workout routine.

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