Whenever I used to rate the effectiveness fat loss workouts, a number on a scale was the ultimate measure of success in my mind.
I had first read about T Tapp in the Spring of 2007 on one of my favorite blogs, Large Family Logistics. Several months later, I learned that one of the new women at our church used the T Tapp videos.
The best thing is that this short 30 minute workout will probably be one of the toughest you will ever do.
With the screenshot above you can also see the different sections in the members area: Welcome, News, Your Exercise Videos, Your Food, Live Webcasts, Your Progress, Promotional Tools, and Member. Joel and business partner Chris also offer live webcasts, which is great if you want to stay up-to-date and interact with them.
In the next section: Your Progress, you can check your progress over time, which will tell you if this program is working for you or not. Finally, in the Promotional Tools section you will find plenty of banners and ad copies to help you promote the program. As for the cost, I think it’s VERY affordable compared to what professionals would normally charge you.
As a bonus for joining 7 Minute Workout under me, I want to share my personal results with you. You will also receive a FREE WordPress plugin that creates killer graphics for you, in just a few clicks! Enter Your First Name & Best Email Address Below Free Instant Access We hate spam just as much as you Signing you up! When it comes to bodybuilding, a fat loss workout should focus on burning fat cells from your body without decreasing your muscle mass in the process. I am going to show you how to achieve this ideal situation by performing your fat burning cardiovascular fitness exercises at the optimum times and by supplying your body with the right fat loss nutrition plan.
This page is dedicated to a brief description of the workout side of the fat loss equation with more in-depth workout descriptions and fat loss nutrition details contained on other pages in this website. I recommend reading this page in its entirety before moving on to my detailed fat loss workouts and fat loss nutrition plan pages. You will need to follow my recommendations in both of these areas in order to successfully burn significant amounts of body fat while not sacrificing muscle mass in the process.
Because most bodybuilders do not understand nutrition, and its effect on the body, they fall into what I like to call "the cycle of failure".
The cycle of failure is the cycle in which a bodybuilder spends years on trying to improve their physique only to make little or no progress towards reaching their bodybuilding goals.
This happens when they focus exclusively on their goals of the moment and fail to see the big picture of what they are hoping to accomplish. The problem occurs when they do not implement a nutrition plan that is consistent with what they ultimately want to achieve. Bodybuilders who are trapped in the cycle of failure, continue to go back and forth between building muscle and burning fat, taking each to their respective extreme. When they want to build muscle they eat everything in site and overload their bodies with protein with the hopes of packing on muscle mass. While this may provide their bodies with enough nutrition to build new muscle, it will inevitably lead to increased body fat as well.

On the other side, when bodybuilders are focusing on fat loss, they eat too little and deprive their body of the nutrition it needs to maintain its current level of muscle mass. They may lose fat, but in the end, they are right back where they started wanting to gain back the muscle mass that was lost in the process of burning fat. You can see how this can trap many well intentioned individuals in the bodybuilding "cycle of failure". I have provided information on fat loss nutrition plans on another page, but I feel that it is important to at least touch on this subject before discussing fat loss workouts.
Keep in mind that regardless of the program you are following, your workouts will only provide you with minimal results if you fail to implement a fat loss nutrition plan that is consistent with your bodybuilding goals. An effective fat burning workout is any aerobic workout that meets the requirements given on my cardiovascular fitness page. I recommend visiting this page for a complete description on the most effective fat burning cardio workouts.
Your fat burning workout should maintain your heart rate in the range of 70-80% of your maximum heart rate for approximately 30 minutes.
The best time to perform your aerobic exercise is first thing in the morning before eating your first meal. The next best time for a fat loss workout is immediately following your weight training session. The least desirable time to perform your cardio workouts is two hours after your last meal.
This is a very brief overview and I have provided this information - and much more - in a detailed format on my cardiovascular fitness page.
I recommend visiting the cardiovascular fitness page as it will likely answer any questions you may have and will also supply you with valuable information regarding effective fat loss workouts. A few years ago, this idea was challenged in my mind by Teresa Tapp, the creator of the amazing T Tapp fat burning workouts. I knew I needed to take my measurements and follow the fat loss workout program as directed by Teresa Tapp. Be first to learn when I publish more of my stories of how I've returned to a healthier body fat percentage, while leading a busy life as a home educating mom of six.
HIT is an exercise method in which you switch back and forth between short intervals of high intensity weight training, followed by short rest or recovery periods.
By working at close to your maximum heart rate, you will be burning the most calories, and causing the most physiological changes to your body that will be beneficial to fat loss. At the top of the last curl, secure the dumbbells on your shoulders and perform 6 dumbbell top-squats. 7 Minute Workout is an MLM program which means you make an income from people you refer to the program, and from their referrals as well. What I really liked about it is that just a few minutes after I uploaded a picture of me (with a cute baby lion), I received a few comments about it. As previously mentioned, 7 Minute Workout is an MLM program so not only will you lose weight, you will also get paid. I know Joel, and when he told me about his new program, I knew it was going to be a top-notch program. You would actually need to hire a personal trainer and a dietitian if you wanted to do everything that’s provided in 7 Minute Workout all by yourself.

This is not just another workout program but a program that was designed and built to bring a real change in people’s life. I really want to make progress, and I also want you to, so I’m going to share my progress with you, so you can see how well I do and maybe this will motivate you. This enables just about anyone to be able to get in a great workout regardless of their busy schedules.
Here you will find everything you'll need to know about losing fat, building muscle and being healthy!Take Your Fitness in the Right Direction! As you can see below, you will be provided with a workout plan based on the answers you gave to the questions in your profile.
Then by clicking on the Workout links I get access to the videos showing what to do exactly.
From experience, I can say that personal trainers and dietitians are quite expensive, but with 7 Minute Workout you don’t need to hire anyone! They created tutorial videos for pretty much every section of the site, which is great if you’re not familiar with this kind of program. You will be receiving an email after joining with the login details to access that privte section on my blog, so we can share our personal experiences. That caused me to spend some time looking up the T Tapp website.When I saw the price of the DVDs, and learned that Teresa spoke during each entire workout, without music, I was a bit put off. She more or less said that in her experience, T Tapp workouts were the best exercise for fat loss.
However the main reason why I joined is because like a lot people in our industry, I need to work out but I don’t! I really like the way this is organized, and for people like me who sometimes (often) lack motivation, this is a game changer. As you may know I’m taking on a challenge so I will be checking this section closely. Just one baby.Leta€™s just say that my diet & nutrition during that pregnancy could have been less fattening.
I was used to paying far less for what I, at the time, considered the "best workout videos."All of the video workouts I had ever used had music in them. Before I knew it, she showed up at church with a copy of the T Tapp Basic Workout Plus for me to borrow.
I had hoped I could do both, lose inches and weight, but decided to listen to what she said, and relax about what the scale said. Unfortunately, most of my past postpartum weight loss success came through restricting the types of foods I ate, and not primarily through exercise. I know Joel for a little while now and I trust him, so I decided to take on the challenge and write a review of his program. After six pregnancies, and little exercise during the last one, my muscles were very weak, especially my abs and back muscles.
This is an honest review, and the fact that I know Joel did not influence me in the writing of this 7 Minute Workout review.

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