One of the biggest challenges I had with my weight over the last few years was staying away from eating so many starchy carbs and not eating enough fruits & veggies. It was time to figure out my eating habits once and for all and get that metabolism working for me not against me.
First off I want to say I am not a Dr or nutritionist, I am merely reviewing the system on how I feel about it and how it worked for me. The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a way of eating, it gets you feeding your body the foods that will work together to get your body into fat burning mode. When the system arrived I pulled it out super excited to get started right away and then I sat down with it all and got overwhelmed. In the next booklet you will have a 21 day guide to Metabolism Makeover & a rapid results journal where you an keep track of all the foods you eat and the water intake each day.
These booklets have made it onto my favorite recipe shelf as they are easy to make and taste great. There are also some workouts included in this system but I didn't end up using them as I was doing my P90 program. This is a great system for anyone who needs to get a hold of their eating habits one step at a time, learning everything they need about how to fuel their body with the right foods at the right time with the right portions. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Try Food Lovers, Food Lovers Fat Loss System is not just a diet; but it’s a food lovers diet plan because there is no need to avoid your favorite foods. I saw a infomercial (yes, I can hear you saying scam, scam, behind the computer monitor but keep reading) about this weight loss system that is based on eating not on working out. This system is really what clicked for me and made me realize there is a way of pairing up food to get the best for your body & metabolism.

This has everything you need to be able to complete this 7 day program right down to some tasty salad dressings.
This section helps with tips on how add back your favorite foods after reseting your metabolism and keeping the weight off. I do think they would be great workouts for beginners and really suggest people use them if they don't already have an exercise program they are doing.
I highly recommend this program for anyone starting out on their weight loss journey as it is a way of life not a diet!
Food lovers fat loss is a metabolism makeover weight loss eating plan which changes our body from fat storing to fat burning mode within 21 days.
Other days I wouldn't eat at home thinking that would be a good way to keep off some weight.
It will give you the information need to help you pair the right foods together on your plate. Lots and lots of tasty and easy recipes that will have your whole family wanting to eat it with you. I also love the treat book with some tasty recipes to make and also the ones that are a better choice to choose in store. There are tons of blank food tracking sheets in this book also to help you keep track of what you are eating & drinking. Once I figured out how to pair my foods together the right way, eating the right portion size and eating every 2-3 hours really got my metabolism into fat burning mode and the weight has been burning off.
Food lovers fat loss program is very easy and simple; no pills, no prepackaged foods, no counting calories and you will never feel hungry. There are a few different versions of plates that you can use all to fuel your body to burn fat.

I wasn't a huge fast food person because over the years my body has started to disagree with those foods but we still enjoy having hamburgers, pizza etc at home. The one booklet also has great information on how to dine out including Food Lovers favorite restaurants and tips for what to order and ask your waiter for. It'll become a habit when you reach for food or a snack and you wont be worried to have a cookie or a hamburger as you will know how to turn that meal into a fat burning meal. After the metabolism makeover period, you can keep the weight off forever through maintenance program. I would lose a bit of weight in the spring and summer only to gain it all back and then some in the winter months. This system allows you to eat the foods you enjoy but pair them with other foods that will allow your body to be a fat burning machine. Last winter I was able to maintain the weight which I was a least happy I didn't gain anymore. We are also taught what can be categorized as protein, fatty protein, fast carbs, slow carbs and fat. I have taken a lot of these recipes to help get a quick and easy breakfast into myself and also my daughter. The recipes are easy to make, they are pretty much regular everyday meals just tweaked to make them healthier.

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