As Scotland’s leading body contouring clinic Elanic uniquely offers you multiple methods of body contouring and fat removal. I Lipo Xcell® is a revolutionary treatment that removes fat without the need for surgery. If you currently go to the gym or are contemplating the gym then I Lipo Xcell® can supercharge your regime by encouraging fat locked up in fat cells to be converted to its liquid constituents which the body finds much easier to burn off during exercise. The full Xcell treatment is carried out in three stages, firstly measurements of your circumference are taken and the machine works out your essential fat level (the amount you need to survive) and your additional fat stores (which we want to reduce). How does I Lipo Xcell® compare to Liposuction and non-invasive body shaping devices (e.g Velashape, Smoothshapes and Ultrashape)?
I Lipo Xcell®, Liposuction and body shaping devices work differently and are good at treating different areas of the body. Fat Reduction at the Southwest Plastic Surgery Practice is a carefully conducted procedure.
Both surgeons at the facility have performed fat reduction for hundreds of people from Southern Texas and El Paso regions.
Keep in mind that fat reduction surgery is not the same as bariatric surgery, gastric banding, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve.
Keep in mind that fat reduction surgery implies that the patient will also put in the effort to diet and exercise to maintain or even improve results over time. Because of its popularity, constant innovation has improved and enhanced the technology available for this surgery, adding more precision and accuracy to it. Each of the techniques highlighted below aim to shape and contour the targeted area in a patient that has too much fat. A tummy tuck targets the stomach and midsection of the body to reduce fat and make it taut. In case a patient is morbidly obese, the surgeon will combine both above processes to vacuum out fat and tighten the areas that feel saggy. The prospective of going through moderate fat reduction is daunting for some people because it introduces a drastic change in life. Thus, while you experience a combination of nerves plus excitement, remember that a fat reduction procedure has to be prepared for. Pre-surgery preparation is perhaps the most important step in the preparation guide because it determines how successful the actual procedure will be. If you are a chain smoker, mentally prepare yourself to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure.
Ask a friend or family member to drive you back and forth on the day of the surgery because you will not be allowed to drive for at least a week or so after the surgery.
A moderate fat reduction procedure usually takes somewhere between 3 to 6 hours in the operating room. Under normal circumstances you will be asked to stay a night at the hospital so that your progress can be monitored closely. A combination of techniques discussed previously will be used to make sure the surgery gives you the result you hope for.

A typical Moderate Fat Reduction Surgery starts from the back, shapes the buttocks and thighs and then moves to the front i.e. The amount of liposuction done per session is usually limited in order to avoid complications. Right after the surgery, till at least a week or two, you will feel swollen and sore all over the body. While you should get maximum rest, do get up regularly and walk around to ensure proper flow of blood and avoid stiffness in the arms and legs.
Results of fat reduction become obvious in 4 to 6 weeks; however, it can take up to 6 months for the body to heal completely; therefore, be patient!
Getting a board certified Plastic Surgeon to do the fat reduction minimizes risks to a great extent.
Despite these pluses, Southwest prides itself for informing patients about every aspect of a fat reduction surgery.
No doubt, the cost of a Moderate Fat Loss Surgery is an important determinant in getting this procedure done.
In the El Paso, Las Cruces, Chihuahua, Alamogordo and Texas region, a fat reduction surgery can cost somewhere between $8000 to $18000.
Whether it is the ultimate surgical laser liposuction treatment or fat transfer breast or buttock enlargement you are after, we can advise you.
Currently taking America by storm and reported to be used by celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian, the device uses several techniques to fight fat. The second stage involves the placement of pads on the skin, each one containing 9 separate low level painless diode lasers.
Most clinics will offer only one or maybe two of these but at Elanic, Scotland’s leading body contouring clinic, we offer all three options.
From being unable to perform some of the most basic activities to having a number of life-threatening diseases, obesity has always been a big no-no according to social and medical norms. For those moderately overweight individuals, who feel they are not living life to the fullest, moderate fat reduction is an ideal remedy.
Drawing the line between sucking out a tad less or just a little too much fat is something only a professional can do. With double degrees in General and Cosmetic Surgery, the Plastic Surgeons at Southwest have many years of practice to undertake such an extensive procedure with skill and expertise.
With so many advantages associated with the procedure, fat reduction is more of a necessity for those who are overweight and experience difficulty in controlling their weight. Thousands of people who want to get rid of fat, for good, opt for fat reduction, all around the world. Such a surgery reduces fat in the lower part of the body, including the buttocks, thighs, hips etc. It gets rid of tires and muffin-tops that give the body an irregular and disproportionate structure. A special tool is used that sucks out fat precisely from body parts pinpointed by the surgeon.

However, getting excess and unnecessary fat out of the way will let you move towards a life that you have always wanted. Smoking is highly hazardous for health and can lead to complications like clotting of blood during surgery. Because such a surgery is a huge change for the body, the process has to be completed with utmost care. From the benefits to the risks, a patient has the right to know it all before concluding a consultation session. Within this cost, the fee of a board certified surgeon, cost of anesthesia and other medical supplies is incorporated. Elanic is excited to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer I Lipo Xcell® by Chromogenex. Initially multiple low level diode lasers encourage fat cells to shrink then multipolar RF coupled with laser and vacuum massage help to smooth the skin and reduce cellulite. Not only does this process get rid of unnecessary fat in your body, it also motivates you to switch to a healthier lifestyle, one that is fulfilling and leads to better quality of life.
With promising results and hopes for better quality of life, fat reduction is no doubt, one of the most widely performed cosmetic treatments in medical circles. The doctors may recommend clearance from your primary care physician to undergo such treatments.
If your surgeon recommends getting this surgery done at a hospital, which is almost always the case, the additional charges levied by the hospital will be included in this amount. The next stage involves a combination of vacuum massage, further laser treatment and multi polar radiofrequency which heats and tightens the skin.
In a Circumferential Abdominoplasty, incision spots are decided prior to the surgery as seen fit by your surgeon. Palladino adhere to norms laid down by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, they also take on board certified anesthesiologists, who can be fully trusted with the sedatives. Palladino, when all other factors have been accounted for, you will be given a quote of the expenses related to the surgery. Lastly your measurements are retaken and you will be shown how much of a difference just one treatment makes.
The choice of technique depends on the analysis of the medical history, extent of reduction needed and the way a patient responds to anesthesia and medicine in general.
It is imperative that you attend these sessions and openly discuss all reservations and queries with the doctors beforehand.
Palladino will conduct an initial analysis before the surgery to determine how well the body can take this shock.
By combining a course of treatments with regular exercise and a healthy diet you will be able to see the weight drop off.

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