Did you know the amount of belly fat and cellulite that youa€™re carrying on your body right now is determined by ONE single solitary hormone?
Did you know that when you learn exactly how to CONTROL this hormone you can literally take total control of all other hormones to keep your body looking younger and healthier a€“ while dramatically accelerating your fat loss? Did you also know that this hormone is even responsible for helping you conquer your appetite and cravings?
Simply put, LACK of maximizing your bodya€™s #1 fat burning hormone can age you faster, block your bodya€™s ability to burn fat and send you into food binges that force you to pack on belly fat. All you have to do is to read through the short article below and youa€™ll discover the easiest ways to manipulate this master hormone to end slow fat-loss a€“ and youa€™ll experience a difference in LESS than one short week. This isna€™t another gimmicky diet quick fix where youa€™ll end up being sold some miracle weight loss pill or shady supplement. Just follow the 3 sneaky tricks below and youa€™ll discover exactly how to a€?shut offa€? your hunger hormones and cravings, while you a€?turn ona€? your bodya€™s fat-burning switch with each and every bite making it IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT to burn more stubborn belly fat. Below, youa€™ll find all 3 steps, and youa€™ll also discover an easy and delicious way to a€?fixa€? your broken diet and KEEP your body in a consistent, fat burning environment 24 hours a day a€“ all while eating MORE of your favorite foods.
Leptin is a hormone produced in fat cells and it communicates with your brain to help you CONTROL hunger and cravings. In other words, your sensitivity to Leptin is either making you BURN fat, or making your STORE fat.
Getting moderate amounts of naturally occurring fructose from fruits is totally different because it has an all-natural antidote a€“ fiber. When you cut out fructose, you’ll prevent those nasty cravings, increase your metabolic rate, MAXIMIZE Leptin sensitivity, and stack the deck in your favor for faster fat-loss. Did you know that if you perform 30, 40, even 50 minutes of slow and steady cardio day after day that, over time, it can actually make you GAIN fat around your belly, your thighs, and your legs? I know it may sound hard to believe, but studies are now proving people who perform long bouts of chronic cardio suffer from decreased thyroid function, release more of the stress hormone cortisol, and increase their appetite a€“ all at the same exact time. All of these nasty side effects cause inflammation, which DECREASES your sensitivity to Leptin.
Additionally, using this approach can make a dramatic change in how your body looks because it forces your body to a€?naturallya€? release fight or flight hormones that help you BURN OFF stubborn fat. These higher intensity exercise bursts also increase blood flow to those hard-to-get-rid-of stubborn fat areas-a€“like lower abdomen fat and even pockets of cellulitea€”to help you burn even MORE fat. All you have to do is simply REPLACE two or three of your long, boring cardio sessions with this type of training a few days a week and it can serve as a legitimate way to RESET Leptin, and ultimately help you control long term fat loss. And when you learn how to combine this Leptin BOOSTING protocol with your favorite cheat foods, you can literally DOULBE the fat burning effect. Go on a diet and leptin levels quickly plummet (by 50% or more after only one week), sending a signal to the body that you’re semi-starved and not consuming enough calories.
You see, even though Leptin levels decrease by about 50% after only one week of dieting, it doesn’t take nearly as long for Leptin to bump back up with a substantial increase in caloric intake.

By strategically cheating with high calorie foods (and yes, even stuff like pizza, ice cream, cookies, pasta, burgers, fries, etc), you can give Leptin and your metabolism a MAJOR boost. This means greater net fat loss week after week, and ultimately, a much more realistic, maintainable way to bring you to the body you truly want and deserve. Over the past 15+ years, we’ve developed a revolutionary way to eat your favorite Cheat Foods, while avoiding fat-storage called Cheat Your Way Thin.
It’s specifically set up to help you maximize your Leptin sensitivity by using 3 PROVEN PHASES of strategic cheating.
Basically, with this program I did all your science homework for you, neatly arranged it into a stylish variety-filled plan, and then supercharged it with a set-up to make certain you experience the most rapid, cutting-edge fat loss you could ever possibly imaginea€”all without ever having to give up a single one of your favorite foods again. If you're still buying into the need to constantly crash diet or perform hours and hours of boring cardio exercise to lose ugly belly fat, this cheat food system will NOT work for you. Spring is upon us and Summer is around the corner so why not get a head start on that beach body and start stripping back some of that body fat? This metabolic workout is perfect as an add on to the end of your strength or other gym sessions.
6) Rest 60 seconds – Repeat whole circuit 3-5 times depending on state of fatigue and quality of repetitions. This metabolic workout will squeeze out those last bits of energy after your usual workout or can easily be a quick, high intensity, session to add in on those days you are struggling for time and need to fit a quick session into your day.
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But even though youa€™ve probably NEVER even heard of this hormone, we are on a serious mission to help people discover the real truth about how it works inside your body to help you get the flat, attractive belly you so deeply desire. It doesna€™t matter if youa€™re young or old a€“ and it doesna€™t matter how much experience you have OR how good you think your diet and exercise plan already is. Wea€™ve spent the last 15+ years relentlessly researching, reading articles, and analyzing studies to master our knowledge of naturally controlling hormones to help average people like you end weight loss frustration once and for all. But your bodya€™s resistance to this one solitary hormone could be keeping you fat and STOPPING your body from burning belly fat. What youa€™re about to read is often times considered highly controversial and never talked about in the mainstream diet and nutrition industry.
In fact, this is the one food ingredient that could be STOPPING your body from maximizing leptin sensitivity, which will give you uncontrollable hunger and prevent your body from using fat as fuel source. But in order for you to restore your leptin levels simply REMOVE fructose from your diet a€“ especially high fructose corn syrup. This is why you should AVOID chronic, steady state cardio workouts and replace them with shorter bouts of higher intensity exercise instead.
Make sure youa€™ve conditioned yourself previously with normal exercise on a consistent basis and make sure youa€™ve been cleared by your doctor for higher intensity exercise.
Pick your favorite cardio exercise, use your bodyweight, or go outside and do some sprint work.

This ultimately sets you up for perfect hormonal environment for RAPID fat loss when you resume your reduced calorie eating regimen.
And best of all, you can customize it specifically for your busy schedule and lifestyle, so it has EVERYTHING you need to eat all your favorite foods WITHOUT getting fatter or killing your body’s #1 fat burning hormone.
There’s NO need for you to constantly cut calories or crash diet (Cheat Your Way Thin eliminates that) for weeks on end. Cheat Your Way Thin will require some planning ahead, but at least you can still eat all your favorite foods. But if you're willing to cheat the RIGHT way, just click the Next Page button below and you'll finally maintain FULL control of your body's #1 fat burning hormone, while being able to eat all your favorite foods GUILT FREE.
This metabolic workout offers a quick whole body blast that will send your metabolism skyrocketing, make you sweat like never before, and have your body screaming at you to stop…but don’t!! All you need is some dumbbells and a battle rope (if you don’t have a rope I will provide an alternative). In fact, as youa€™ll see below, youa€™ll NEVER hear about this hormone from your local dietician, your family doctor, nutritionists, or hardly ANY personal trainers.
When your leptin is working properly it will kill your cravings by telling your brain to stop eating, to stop storing fat, and to START burning it. The Cheat Your Way Thin System is the world's only guilt free Cheat Food System PROVEN to accelerate fat loss.
Dividing your daily calories into 6 meals eaten every 2-3 hours has the exact same metabolic effect as eating the same amount of daily calories in one meal. And because I was always hungry, I would snack in between meals, which chronically elevated my insulin levels, leading to more fat storing.
No matter how hard I tried, I always gave into my hunger and either snacked or exceeded my portions, which caused me to regain all the fat I had lost (and more!).Another reason why chronically elevated insulin levels should be avoided is that they are associated with the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Since you spend more time fasting than you do eating, it gives your body a chance to tap into its stored fat for fuel.KEY POINT: If you want to burn fat, then STOP EATING! Be sure to pick up a copy my Fat Loss Fast 2 e-Book to learn all the science supporting intermittent fasting!
The IIFYM approach to diet allows for greater flexibility with your food selection because your focus is on the nutrients rather than the food source. If I didn’t eat exactly what was outlined in the meal plan, then I felt like a failure.
Well, this depends on the fasting protocol you are following, your goals, your activity level and many other variables.

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