The new Trim Healthy Mama Plan book has hit the shelves, and become a nationwide best seller! Since I reviewed the original Trim Healthy Mama book here on Gwen’s Nest about 2 years ago, I wanted to give you guys the inside scoop on this new book as well.
The Trim Healthy Mama premise is that you can enjoy carbs, fats, proteins, and even sweets- while getting healthier and trimming down. There is no calorie counting, weighing out portions, or pre-packaged meal replacements in this plan. Just like in the Original Trim Healthy Mama book, sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison walk you through their plan in a warm, friendly, conversational way. The new Trim Healthy Mama Plan book is a more succinct, streamlined version of the original book. One of the really unique features of the original Trim Healthy Mama book is that both authors implement the plan in completely different ways. Part one of the book jumps right in to get your feet with with an understanding of the plan.
The great thing about the new book is how quickly and succinctly it rolls into the actual plan details. This section of the book helps you take the basic meal types that you’ve learned and start rounding it into a practical, doable plan that fits the way you live.
Here, the sisters answer a lot of the basic questions surrounding snacking, timing your meals, what sweeteners you can have on plan, eating out, and even cheating or treating. One BIG difference from the original book is that now there is a whole line of Trim Healthy Mama ingredients available. So the families took matters into their own hands and sourced the highest quality ingredients they could find to create fairly priced, great quality products with their label. But if you really love your brownies and carbs, then you may be more interested in replacing your favorite sugary snacks with on plan, and health promoting versions made with slower carb ingredients. But they found that many of their readers really needed to see examples of how this plan looks in real life to get their training wheels on before taking off on their own. One thing you might notice is that many of the menu suggestions do point to their cookbook. There are some significant changes in the Fuel Cycle chapter, written to readers who struggle with slower weight loss- again based on what reader’s feedback and additional information since the original book was published.
The Trim Healthy Plan book rounds out with a short section covering other basics: exercise, skincare, balance (which covers some of the science topics of interest to food purists), and how to get connected with others who are doing the plan for support. I also LOVE the Appendix in the back, which is a handy Meal Types Recap that you can flip back to when you need a refresher.

The new Plan book is devoid of illustrations, with the exception of a few small illustrations explaining the meal types.
All in all, the new Trim Healthy Mama Plan book is a book worth reading and owning for those who are serious about unraveling a healthy approach to eating that doesn’t remove any of the micronutrient groups.
Be SURE to come back next week for an amazing, colossal surprise that I’ve been cooking up for you. I’m not saying write my meal plan, but is this realistic for that 1-in-million difficult family…know what I mean? I think it’s ALWAYS worth it to have these conversations and to pursue better health and a healthier diet. Thanks so much for comparing the new and old books as that is what I have been wondering about! You may have seen the book in your local department stores and grocery stores- it’s really become a THING!
And I’ll tell you right now, that post will be FAR more entertaining in the photo department. The key is learning to pair foods in the right way so that you’re not over-fueling your body. I share more about what those terms mean and photos of the meals I’ve made in my original Trim Healthy Mama book review here. But if you already know and love the original Trim Healthy Mama book, there is more to this little beauty- it may be smaller, but it has added content!
It’s just a hair over 300 pages long with 4 sections containing a total of 32 short chapters that wrap up their lifestyle eating plan.
And the book is punctuated with commentary- and sometimes playful banter- from each sister giving her view of why or how she would approach certain aspects of the plan. In chapter 2, the Basics, we once again meet the cast of characters from the original book: Drive Through Sue, and Farm Fresh Tess are back to tell their story of food frustration. While some of this section is in the original book, there is a lot of great new info based on readers input and questions over the past 3 years since the original book came out.
In the original plan book, the sisters shared recommended brands that they used and loved, but within six months of the release, several of the key products (sweeteners, protein, etc.) changed formula and were no longer appealing or on plan with the new additives. So if you’re just getting started, I do recommend going ahead and grabbing both books from the onset. They spend a lot more time discussing the science behind their approach, as well as cover topics like faith and food, hormones, exercise routines and fueling for workouts, and even a chapter on a healthy sex life.

However, the recipes are written in a conversational non-typical format, which some people find frustrating. Its casual approach to communicating the plan is refreshing, and the plan is very doable once you understand the fuel types and premise. One is that your family being picky can be related to the fact that their digestion is very picky in what it wants to deal with. Get a feel for it, and for how it works, and let your family carry on with their normal way of eating. It was an easy transition here…usually just an added side dish to cross over the folks who need to gain or maintain.
I am really hoping to be able to get these books and I appreciate your review of the plan book. But if you want to use a specific photo, recipe, or other content, please check out the terms of use below.
Many of the chapters are targeted at different lifestyles, so you won’t need to read every chapter in the book to get the plan down pat. But this time, they’re joined by male counterparts and an additional cast of characters who represent the feedback of thousands of readers over the past three years. The original book is also punctuated by black and white illustrations of the sisters that coincides with the friendly banter narrative that runs throughout the book.
But if you come to it with the desire to move toward health and start looking for new ways to enjoy food within the principles, then it’s REALLY not hard at all. This part of the book is to inspire you to look at a variety of different food beliefs and habits, and how those are affecting your overall health. I make EVERYTHING from wheat berries (red, white, kamut, spelt, beans, corn meal), you name it I pretty much grind it. MSG is another culprit in keeping people addicted to junky foods, and (under its different names) it’s found in most bottled dressings, sauces, and processed foods. His practice also does chiropractic work with patients too, so that might work well for you if your issues started after your accident.
And, I had no idea that you’re from the Atlanta area until reading your journey, which leads me to ask how you went about finding a doctor who is open to holistic options??

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