Ita€™s easy to "Arbonnize" your home with botanically based products formulated for beneficial results. While I personally do not give one iota of credence to any type of weight loss gimmick, rather believing that conscientious eating and moderate exercise are the best ways to lose weight, I do find this newest patented invention different, as the lady who created the weight loss jewelry is not claiming any sort of magic.
What makes this body chain unique is that by incentivizing the process of losing inches around the waistline with the reward of removing links from the Figure 8 Body Chain, the focus becomes the smaller size body chain rather than the pounds lost. Designed as elegant jewelry, the customer chooses the appropriate length body chain in either sterling silver or carat gold.

Further, the company offers a Healthy Living Guide with each Figure 8 Body Chain purchase to help the customer succeed in her weight loss journey. Simply replace the products you usually use with these products from Arbonnea€¦and experience the REsults for yourself! Quite the opposite, Wendy Barker is basically giving overweight individuals a realistic goal to which to aspire. As the waist decreases and links are removed from the chain, the emotional outcome is positive, uplifting and tangible to the individual.

Choose from a Figure 8 pendant necklace or a cute gold and enamel charm bracelet bearing sweet individual charms such as a black and white cow with pink nose, a yellow and silver duck, or a red glitter bug that resembles a lady bug.

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