This post contain a set of 5 healthy foods that contain compounds which help the body to burn abdominal fat, control appetite and fat burning hormones. All the bad mistakes you are doing with your daily food in not including these 5 foods are explained here to prevent from keep gaining stomach fat. Each food is specified and an explanation of what will help your belly to get smooth is done.
Cruciferous Vegetables contain very rare compounds (phytonutrients) such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that can help combat the effects of xenoestrogens in our body and consequently will help the body to burn abdominal fat.
The xenoestrogens that are present in some food stimulates the body to store stomach fat both on men and women. Walk down the coffee and tea aisle of any store and you’ll be surprised at how many types and flavors there are. When you choose the right variety, it can also help you stave off hunger and boost your metabolism!

This makes it the richest source of antioxidants of all teas, and the best at boosting fat burning.
Also known as red bush tea, this South African tea’s taste is less bitter than black or green teas. It is caffeine free and rich in antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, calcium and manganese.
Most important of all, it has a compound called Aspalathin that’s been shown to reduce hormones created by stress. Whether you drink it hot or iced, it’s a soothing treat that can help you relax and drift off to sleep at night or calm your nerves during a hectic day.
Even better, a recent study showed that people who smelled peppermint leaves every couple of hours actually lost weight. One study showed that adding 4 to 5 cups of green day per day along with a 25-minute-a-day workout added 2 pounds to one group’s weight loss as compared to a group eating the same, exercising the same, but not drinking the tea.

With so many different flavors to choose from – and each offering such fantastic benefits – it’s easy to see why you should leave your kettle out on the stove and make tea a constant companion.
Now you can get all of these amazing teas in a special bundle from my good friends at Pekoe Sip House. Tea has lots of great benefits, including helping you fight off sickness and clearing up your skin. You know – the ones that make you eat when you’re not hungry and send your body into fat-storing mode? Catechins, a compound found in green tea that helps free fat from fat cells and boosts the liver’s fat-burning power.

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